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Amy Milchard


Owner, Pink Spaghetti Sheffield and Surrounds


Office Number

T: 0333 3550981
M: 07977677057









License to ask something obvious… who wishes they had more time? I know we’re all supposed to be superheros who can manage many many things at once, but it’s ok not to do it all by yourself! Asking for a helping hand isn’t weakness, it’s a necessity. As someone who really struggles with asking for help after years of defining myself by my ability to do everything myself, trust me I have learned, it’s not only ok, it makes me happier. (I can’t by the way, some things I am truly rubbish at!)

I had my son very early on – very early on! – and in 2018 he will be 21. Along the way I got my degree and took on jobs that kept us nicely comfortable though didn’t challenge me, but more importantly, didn’t make me feel like family couldn’t come first. After a couple of years in the private sector I worked for nearly 10years in children’s services for the local authority, alongside causal work to top up for the fun stuff. I felt I had to choose between jobs that made demands on me or jobs where I could manage to put family first. It meant compromising a lot on my ambitions but I don’t think my story is unique. I was a single parent and felt even more duty bound to be there if needed. I’d love to see the day where this isn’t the case for parents. People who have things going on outside of work often have the most to offer to an organisation.

So long story short, when the opportunity came around I took a voluntary severance deal and took off not knowing where I was heading, I just knew where I didn’t want to be.

Fast forward now and Pink Spaghetti Sheffield and Surrounds has been trading for 2 years, with the overall company having been around a lot longer than that.

We are quick to understand people and their needs, and easily adapt because we’re in the same boat as our clients. We are all working hard to juggle life, family and a career. We recognise the pain points business owners experience because we’re feeling them too!

I’m hoping to share my insights, those I’ve personally learned from, observations, advice and techniques for managing time well so that the work life balance scales are set firmly in your favour. All feedback and ideas welcome, so let’s get some real dialogue going!

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