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Chris Iredale


Business Growth Mentor



01422 728827



Chris Iredale

Hello, I’m Chris Iredale – a proven, highly experienced business mentor and growth expert with over 20 years’ experience founding, growing and establishing successful businesses.

I work with you as your ‘on-demand’ business partner, supporting you across all areas of your business. My direct approach is a blend of practical guidance, effective business strategy and bespoke consultancy to engage, educate and motivate Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

From problem solving, to practical advice, I help you create the business plan and ecosystems that will sustain and grow your business. I work with all sorts of businesses, from start-ups preparing to SCALE UP and become abundant lifestyle businesses, through to mature high-performance companies.


I care massively about improving results. My purpose is to empower people to advance in growth and achieve their life potential.

Many business owners are experiencing a range of known common frustrations.


If you always do what you’ve always done…you’ll always get what you’ve always got… maybe it’s time to improve and change?


I help you focus to create more time to work ON your business, rather than IN your business. Together we create, develop and implement a successful business plan. I challenge you to stop repeating the tendencies, practices and beliefs that prohibit you from fulfilling your ambitions and improving your focus.

My mentoring process guarantees results.


I have maintained an integral and main lead in my company since opening in 2010, I therefore felt I would never be able to enjoy any time off after the birth of my first baby. After numerous attempts to try and put maternity leave plans in place to alleviate my responsibilities and delegate accordingly I saw no way out… which was of no fault of my team either as they were working very hard to try and support me. This realisation was an incredibly stressful time for me which wasn’t ideal at four months pregnant… the clock was ticking and pressure was mounting.

At this very point Chris was recommended to me by a trusted business associate and I was initially sceptical to employ the help of a ‘Growth Mentor’ as I couldn’t see how this would help my situation. Chris made time to visit me quickly, given my personal situation, and after just one session had provided me with some key areas to focus on rather than me trying to do everything! My team were also motivated and keen to be involved.

I felt Chris was also very sympathetic to my circumstances and focused on alleviating my workload and stressors immediately whilst offering genuine support as a human being not just a Consultant. Chris was also keen to tune into and work within my own personal values and maintain relationships in the manner all stakeholders were accustomed to. We had our maternity leave plan in place.

Now on maternity leave I have been able to relax (from work, let’s not under estimate the new challenges a baby brings!) and take the time to enjoy those special moments I would have otherwise missed with not only physically working but also worrying about my team and business.

I am delighted that I am now able to continue working with Chris from the comfort of my own home to support the further development of my returning role, my team and the company’s future growth plans.

Amy – Business Owner and Managing Director (first baby born September 2018).

‘I worked with Chris when I decided to set up my business, he helped me to make my dream a reality, we got a methodical plan together and over the months he helped me make a smooth transition from being employed to running my own business. Chris is a very calming influence when you feel like there is a lot of pressure and he works through it with you at your pace.

I have been a consultant for 11 years and very rarely recommend people into my clients as I feel that they may not meet my own high expectations, but I recommended Chris into one of my clients and she has had nothing but praise for him and she was at a real low point in her business.

I would describe Chris as thoughtful, calm, methodical and very knowledgeable in starting and growing businesses.’

Emma Eastwood – Foremost Limited

‘With Thriven on board, results are guaranteed. Chris has proven a highly valuable business developer, sales mentor and coach throughout my time working with him across various business. His personal experience is second to none and his ability to challenge conventional thinking really sets him apart and is where he adds the most value.’

ANDREW BANKS ex-COO Matalan Direct & CEO Venture Forge


Take your FREE Business check-up and Team assessment to evaluate where your business is now and highlight areas to improve on now.

Visit our website for more helpful tips, tools and news articles and feel free to contact me if you’d like help with planning your business growth.

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