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Gemma Stow


Gemma Stow – Empowerment Coach






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Gemma is a coach who empowers ambitious mothers, or fiercemums as she likes to call them, to become the women they were born to be, get the right mindset, and boost their confidence to help them unlock their powerful potential.

She specialises in supporting women who are at the start of running their own business.   She focuses on helping her clients with confidence and having the right mind-set for success, as well as supporting them to enjoy their work / life balance.   She believes in the power of coaching and accountability and has her own coach.  She has studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing.

You can find out more about Gemma and her empowerment coaching here or grab her free strategy to ‘Discovering what YOU really want in 3 simple steps’

‘She believed she could – so she did’

Ever since being a little girl Gemma has always wanted to change the world and make it a better place for everyone to thrive and be happy.  She even wrote this in her school book when she was 8 years old.  One of her favourite quotes is:

‘Be the change you wish to see in the World’ (M Gandhi).

After traveling, working abroad and then finishing her degree at University, Gemma has worked in both the public and private sectors and has been coaching for over 15 years.  She started her career as a Probation Officer and spent 8 years working with vulnerable and sometimes, dangerous individuals.  She loved this role as it matched her core beliefs that everybody can change.

Then, after having her first child, Gemma started her own business.  Her passion has always been to support others: to unlock their potential, especially when they feel they do not have any, truly believing that everyone has their own unique gift to share with the world. Gemma’s business was an alternative education centre for young people in Leeds who were not fulfilling their potential in mainstream schools.  The young people were some of the most vulnerable in society who needed additional support and cognitive behavioural strategies to enable them to manage their challenging behaviour and address the issues that were preventing them from moving forward.  Over the 7 years the centre earned a well respected reputation and was a great success, working with hundreds of young people enabling them to understand themselves and teaching them new skills to reach their true potential.

During this time, Gemma worked with her own mentor whilst managing her business and raising her two children.  She also won a Network She Citizenship Award in 2015 in recognition of this great work.  The work / life balance was tough, especially with the commute, and sometimes meant missing out on important family matters, but Gemma made it work.  She understands what it feels like to love your job, want to work hard whilst aspiring to be a great mum to your children.

‘Mummy guilt’ is a fear that most mothers experience at some point after having children and those who especially make the decision to go back to work.  Gemma is not afraid to talk about how much she loves working – even if this means being away from her children and she works hard to find the right balance.  Working is as important to her as being a good mum and she knows she is a positive role model for her own children and others.  Gemma believes you can work and be a great mum and she encourages all women who choose to work or who feel they have to work, to find their right work / life balance so they can enjoy the beauty of what life can give the ambitious working mum who is fierce with her dreams.

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