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Helen Gott


Director and Head of the Wills & Probate


0113 201 4900



Emsleys Solicitors 



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Emsleys Solicitors


Hi MMB readers,

I am Helen, a Solicitor, Director and Head of the Wills & Probate department at Emsleys Solicitors.

I have practised in my chosen specialism for over 10 years and am passionate about providing legal services in a straight forward manner, often at what can be a difficult time for my clients be it facing issues of mental incapacity or following a bereavement. I specialise in wills, trusts, dealing with the administration of estates and mental incapacity work which I will be blogging on for MMB.

I am a Dementia Champion for Alzheimer’s Society so can train Dementia Friends. I am very happy to be one of the MMB bloggers as whilst I am not a working mother myself, I do lead an all female team. I am proud to be part of a culture at Emsleys Solicitors where flexible working is the norm and those who do have flexibility have a valid and vital part to play within the business.

Outside of work, I am a hands on auntie and enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I am also one third of a vintage style girl group called the Bombshell Bettys so can often be found singing at charity events or functions at weekends.

I look forward to getting to know you all this year.

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