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Helen Gration


Founder, Yorkshire Montessori Nursery Ltd, Early Years Teacher


Office Details

Fulford, York Montessori
Tel:01904 642666
Strensall, York Montessori
Tel: 01904 490339
Moortown, Leeds Montessori
Tel: 0113 268 6141

Helen’s first career was with the BBC, becoming the youngest television director of News & Current Affairs at the BBC Television Centre in London. Helen was greatly respected in this role and directed the flagship programmes, Nine O’ Clock News with Mike Buerk and Peter Sissons, as well as ‘Newsnight’.

Helen excelled and displayed an ability to flourish under pressure. Her credits include directing the main coverage of many rolling news event programmes, such as the Dunblane shootings, the assasination of Yitzak Rabin and, as the main director on 31st August 1997, the unique coverage of the death and then funeral of Princess Diana, for which Helen was commended at the Organisation.

Whilst at the BBC, Helen established many special events and programmes: Andy Griffee, Head of BBC London: “Helen’s skill in converting her passion and knowledge into events, sponsorship and programming is exceptional.”

In 2003, Helen became a mother to twin boys. Her focus and direction changed and the outcome was the creation of an exceptional nursery company of 4 children’s nurseries in Yorkshire, as well as serving as a Trustee for the National Day Nurseries Association. Then and now, she sees that passion can drive commitment and bring about excellence.

In a world full of busy routines and multiple choices, it is important that the care for your child speaks from the heart, with a knowledge and understanding of what children need.

In my nurseries, we make sure that is our priority. We heavily invest in our staff, in beautiful settings indoors and outdoors, and in the finest of resources, activities and food, all within our Montessori ethos.


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