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Judy Parsons


The LinkedIn Lady
Independent LinkedIn Trainer & Coach


Judith Parsons


07545 833291




Looking to de-mystifying LinkedIn for your business? You may know LinkedIn is where your ideal clients hang out online and that you “should be using it” but have no idea where to start in order to use LinkedIn for marketing your business and generating leads.

Judy is passionate about de-mystifying and untangling LinkedIn so that her clients can make the most of the time they spend on LinkedIn, researching their market and building great relationships

As a business to business marketer, LinkedIn really resonates with Judy. She spent over a decade working in IT and Telecoms marketing generating leads for the sales teams. She now works with business owners, sales teams and start-ups to help them untangle the complexities of LinkedIn and build confidence in using LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, find and connect with your target audience and identify business opportunities.

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