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Mike Lawrence


Stress Management Expert, Coach & Integrative Therapist



Mike Lawrence Holistic Therapies


Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence Stress Management Expert, Coach & Integrative Therapist is a global consulting organisation with a twist. We are enablers of health and wellbeing, a powerful, inclusive integration of integrative therapies, business know-how, design, knowledge and communication. Working with our clients, not at them. We deliver value in a way that others cannot, through our seamlessly integrated offerings. And, we have fun doing it. We hope you are interested in learning more.

Sheffield born and bred, ex Butlins Redcoat in Bognor Regis followed by a trip into the big smoke (London) studied at the London Metropolitan University and gained a long list of professional educational and occupational certificates.

As a result, lead to high team and individual performance in all areas of business sales, marketing, human resources, IT solutions and logistics. Comprising highly successful spells at two Harley Street cosmetic beauty clinics, recognised by PC World and Nouveau Beauty Group for outstanding sales growth and team performance.

In 2008 I ruptured my achilles tendon (actually done it twice on both legs) became interested in life coaching went to see Anthony Robbins in London and trained to become a professional life coach also introduced to  Paul Jefferies known as Britain’s best kept secret for many of the top Premier League and England footballers, subsequently studied NLP, Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics, Reiki (Master), Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a long list of cognitive integrative therapies including intuition and mediumship.  

Over the years my clients have included companies that I worked for in various capacities, Computer Sense, Public Carriage Office, Transport for London, Specialist Make-up Services Limited, Nouveau Beauty Group, Dixons Store Group and Priority Data.

My work today is particularly focused on working with individuals and business leaders who ‘care’ about the health and wellbeing of their employee, which is the most rewarding work I have ever done.

I see holistic health as a critical component of individuals’, businesses’, and communities’ wellbeing. The provision of holistic and complimentary therapies is a lifelong passion of mine and I’m fortunate that in recent years I’ve been able to help people improve their health and make a positive difference in the workplace, personal life and the wider community.


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