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Pitman Training


Pitman Training Group


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Telephone: 0113 366 3096




Pitman Training offers professional, CPD accredited training specifically designed to help you learn practical, work-ready skills. Our training can help you refresh your existing expertise, encourage you to learn something new or give you the courage to change career completely.

Pitman Training is one of the UKs largest independent training providers and our heritage means we are widely recognised for our secretarial and shorthand courses. Of course we have evolved during our 180 year history to ensure our training remains at the forefront of today’s workplace demands. We now offer courses and diplomas across a wide range of subjects such as Accountancy, IT, Social Media, Project Management, Office Administration and more.

We know our students have busy lives and finding time to dedicate to training is not always easy. This is why nearly all our training can be accessed online and is self-paced in format, meaning you can decide both when and where you study.

Our Leeds training centre is readily accessible being based in City Square. Come in and chat with the team about your requirements and aspirations to see how we could help you reach your career goals.

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