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Jo Darling – Director


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Why choose me to help you?

I will improve your relationship with the fundamental requirements of your business, the things you did not go into business to do and the things that you never even thought about – but the essential areas – understanding your financials and using them to make the best decisions for your future along with the other mundane but necessary tasks that come at you each and every day.

Having entered the world of small business as an employee I realised what hard work it was, I became the cleaner, the shopper, the IT guy and then had the productive work to do on top of that.  I later took on a directorship of a business that I was to discover was in severe financial distress (being naive I did not realise this – I did not check anything out – I worked on trust then).  Oh my, I learnt and learnt quickly.  I was exposed to things I could never have conceived of and spent much of my time worrying about it all and trying to work my way through the immense tasks that I was faced with.  I had nowhere to turn.

I tried to take control of the finances and met with the company’s accountant who I asked to help me understand the numbers, what is a balance sheet?  What is a profit and loss and how are they different?  He told me that I didn’t need to know and it was his job.  That is when I really wanted to know so I pushed and pushed until I got the answers I wanted.  I then discovered that the internal accounts in Sage were in a total mess and made no sense, so I set about sorting that out too.  Within three years, despite many challenges, I turned the business around, paid off any creditors and ensured that no one lost their job and gave the business a firm footing to grow – which it did. 

What I realised is that there must be so many business owners in the same position as me, stuck, worried, not understanding and not getting the help and answers they need, so I created Solve.  I know how it all feels, I can relate not only to the business issues faced but the emotions attached to it all and what I will do is help you with all of the challenges, roll up my sleeves and muck in with you but, more importantly, I will share my knowledge with you and ensure I leave you better than I found you.  


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