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Tiro Talent Services


Staffing Solutions Consultancy


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01909 511 258






Tiro Talent Services

Tiro was set up in 2015 after Lisa Betsworth, MD,  was made redundant.  It was becoming increasingly clear that the recruitment industry was becoming figures driven rather than service lead and that didn’t sit well with her.  Ten weeks after she set the business up Lisa discovered she was pregnant, not part of the initial business plan, but it spurred her on none the less.

Two years on Tiro have expanded the reach of their services and support to work with clients on a consultancy basis, looking at better ways to support their staffing functions, be that with further coaching, succession plans for current staff and mapping out workforce ability which in turn shows up any gaps in the workforce that they can then build a plan to fill.  Tiro look to become a part of the team which delivers solutions to business and employees within the organisations alike.  This means that recruitment is not always the answer

In January 2017 Louise Edwards was a long overdue and welcome addition to the team.  Expanding the team has meant that Tiro have been able to increase the services and levels of input they can offer to their clients.  Louise is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to interview coaching and best practice.

Tiro aims to highlight some of the industry secrets when it comes to securing that new role or closing that sale.

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