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Victoria Hicks


Director & Chartered Financial Planner



01430 422 655




Hello fellow MMB Readers,

It is such an honour to introduce myself to you, as the new Finance Blogger for the MMB Magazine in West Yorkshire. Having benefited from this great community, I cannot wait to share some of my knowledge and experiences with you.

As a mum, a business owner and a Chartered Financial Planner, I understand the ‘spinning plates’ analogy, and the importance of seeking and sharing advice, stories and ideas with a strong network of supportive individuals. What better place than the MMB community! Before I get started, I wanted to begin with a brief introduction, so you know a bit more about me, my background, and what drives me to spring out of bed in the morning (most mornings).
I am one of the owners of a Chartered Independent Advice Firm called PCWM (Private Client Wealth Management). At PCWM we offer truly independent financial advice, on all aspects of financial planning to individuals and business owners.

So, what is the benefit of holistic independent advice? As I explain it to my clients, I sit at their side of the table, and work exclusively for them, putting in motion robust financial plans to help people get the most from their hard-earned wealth. We do not receive any commissions from product or investment providers we work with, which ensures that the advice provided is truly independent bespoke to client’s needs.

Being able to call PCWM a Chartered Firm, is testament not only to the educational levels my staff have attained, but also our ongoing training and development of staff, our ethical policy and our transparency in all we do.

I started my career in financial services with the National Australia Bank Group over 16 years ago, and I have been offering bespoke financial advice for 11 years. Over two years ago, I was given the opportunity to take over PCWM from a retiring IFA and build a company which delivers truly valuable advice processes. This was my opportunity to put into practice everything I had learned, good and bad, and create client outcomes which really do make a difference.

Good financial advice starts with the client and understanding what the client wants to achieve both now and in the future. We then work with our clients, creating robust financial plans to help them meet their objectives in a way that considers their current position, future plans, appetite for investment risk and effective tax planning. We involve interactive lifetime planning techniques, so clients can visualise their position now and in the future with the planning ideas recommended.

My passion comes from having seen first-hand the difference that having access to good financial advice can make to a family’s financial stability, independence and the ability to make their own choices.

I am also passionate about promoting financial planning to the future workforce and encouraging more women to be part of this growing industry. In January 2019, PCWM will be rolling out presentations to school leavers across Yorkshire, to encourage more people to consider our industry as a future career, and to also help these young people feel more prepared for life outside of school, with assistance constructing CV’s, learning interview techniques etc.

Outside of work I live with my wonderful husband and 8-year-old son in north Leeds. We are so lucky to have such a supportive family, who assist with a great deal of childcare which allows us to get the right balance, most of the time. My husband and I know the importance of setting aside family time, but also demonstrating to our little boy, the benefits of working hard, and doing something you love and are passionate about.

When I was younger I was involved in lots of theatrical work across Leeds and despite no longer treading the boards myself, I retain a keen interest in the fabulous cultural and artistic scene Yorkshire has to offer. I am also passionate about health and the environment and over the last couple of years I have taken the time to learn a great deal about these areas to take ownership of matters which are important to me.

You can find all of my contact details at the top of this bio, and if you would like to discuss your personal or business financial plans, please get in touch! If you enjoy reading or benefit from any of the articles I put out, I would also love to hear about this!
All the best,


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