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Ada Lovelace Day Event – October 9th

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Ada Lovelace Day

Tinkering, Matchmaking and Building your  Empowering Women with Science and Technology

?Tuesday?, ?October? ?9?, ?2018
?6?:?00? ?PM to ?9?:?00? ?PM
Leeds City Centre


‘Empowering Women with Science and Tech’ Leeds want to welcome you to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day with us.
Taking Ada as inspiration, we thought it was fitting to celebrate the day with an evening of tinkering, matchmaking and building your networks (plus lots of drinks and nibbles too!)


We’re going to have a load of opportunities for you to channel Ada and have a tinker at the event so you can have a go at the Raspberry Pi, MicroBit, Virtual Reality, Sphere Robotics programming, Internet of Things, Science Experiments and loads more…

Why do we admire Ada Lovelace so much?

Ada was inspirational at understanding the potential of computing. The machines could go beyond calculating numbers, she said, to understand symbols and be used to create music or art.
This insight would become the core concept of the digital age, she understood that any piece of content, data or information — music, text, pictures, numbers, symbols, sounds, video — could be expressed in digital form and manipulated by machines.
She also explored the ramifications of what a computer could do, writing about the responsibility placed on the person programming the machine, and raising and then dismissing the notion that computers could someday think and create on their own — what we now call artificial intelligence.

“The Analytical Engine has no pretensions whatever to originate anything,” she wrote. “It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform.”

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