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Get more of your ideal clients coming to you

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Get more of your ideal clients coming to you by making your LinkedIn profile easy to find – Part 1

Judy Parsons LinkedIn Trainer
Judy Parsons LinkedIn Expert


By Judy Parsons

If you want to generate inbound enquires on LinkedIn you need to make it easy for your target audience to find you.

There are 2 ways to get found on LinkedIn:

1. Via LinkedIn searches
2. By being active on LinkedIn

In this blog we are going to focus on getting found by your target audience via LinkedIn searches, and for this you need to treat your LinkedIn profile as you would your website.

Like your website, your LinkedIn profile gets found by having the right keywords in your profile. You want to make sure that your profile is coming top of the LinkedIn search results just as you want your website coming top of the Google search results.

The question is do you know what the right keywords or phrases are?

The following exercise is designed to get you to really think about:

• The words or phrases your target audience will be using to find solutions to the problems you help them solve

• The words or phrases you want to be found for

Take some time to answer the following:

1. What are your top 3 keywords or phrases that your target audience would use to find you? Write them down.

2. Are they in your LinkedIn profile? How many times do they appear? Where do they appear?

3. Do a basic LinkedIn search for each of your keywords. Are you coming up in the search results?

4. Who else is coming up for those keywords? Are they your competitors?

If you have already spent time and money on a website and know what keywords are working for your website, then make sure you also add them to your LinkedIn profile.

If you don’t know, then spend some time researching and understanding what it is your target audience will be looking for. Think in terms of what you do i.e. Accountant or Copywriter etc (rather than MD or Founder).

Also, words like ‘Management’ are too broad. Instead use it with descriptive words like ‘Crisis Management’ or ‘Time Management’ to make it more specific.

Once you know what your keywords are, you then need to make sure they are peppered throughout your profile. In particular, make sure your keywords are added to your headline, summary, job title and current experience and the skills and expertise section.

NOTE: skills equals keywords! You may be great at account management, negotiation or Microsoft Excel, BUT are they what your target audience is looking for? Do you want to be found for these words?

Other things you can do to improve your search results

1. Make sure your profile is fully completed. By this I mean it has an ‘All Star’ profile. All you need for this is a professional photo, a summary, at least 5 skills, 2 or more work positions, education and 50 connections.

If education is the one thing stopping you from being ‘All Star’ then simply use your top keywords in the education field. For example:

Business Insurance | Re-insurance
Graphic Recording | Real Time Illustration

2. Grow your network. The closer you are connected to a person doing the searching the more likely you are to appear in their search results. So, the bigger your network the more people will be able to see your profile in their search results. One way to extend your network is by joining LinkedIn groups. You can join up to 100 groups and I recommend you join groups where your clients hang out.

Are you being found on LinkedIn? Take a few minutes now to review your profile and see if you could improve its findability.

Judy Parsons
Yorkshire’s LinkedIn Lady
Please connect:
Twitter: @LinkedInLadyUK

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