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Does the unknown paralyse your progress?

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Does the unknown paralyse your progress?

By Jo Darling of Solve

Being in business can be terrifying to the point of paralysis. 

These are the experiences I have had in my years of running small business, do any resonate with you?

  • Spending hours deliberating things, wishing you had someone to speak to, to run things by for a sense check.
  • Nights lying awake in bed, staring at the ceiling and watching the clock go around wishing for peaceful sleep.
  • If you do sleep, having dreams about complex business issues that you are trying to solve.
  • Hoping for some inspiration and for the answers you need to just come to you?
  • Sitting with your head in your hands wondering where you go next and why you ever even started it all.
  • Terrified of doing the wrong thing.
  • Wishing you understood your numbers and could use them to make confident decisions.

There are many more scenarios, all are equal in how isolated they make us feel and potentially question our ability to run our business at all.

My advice – it’s great to talk.  Be under no illusion you are the only one questioning yourself and feeling overwhelmed, we are all doing it at one time or another.  It is natural but there are ways to help yourself which are easier than you think.

Think about the network of business people you have developed a relationship with throughout your business life.  Can they help you?  Will they lend you an ear?

Many of my contacts suffer from self-doubt, are they good enough, can they get the balance right between a successful business and home life?  I often find that a coffee and an hour of letting someone offload allows them a chance to unburden and me the opportunity to see where I can help to best support the individual and their business, to give them the ability to move forward in a pragmatic way. 

I will tell you that although I have not faced all of your particular issues that I have faced many others and I can bring my experience in to help you to be productive and face your problems, we can solve them together and help you to face the future with confidence, self belief and a plan.

So, if you are feeling alone and unsure isn’t it time to take control and stop feeling that way?  It won’t just happen, you have to decide today is the day that it will start to be different.  Don’t you deserve that?

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