Gullivers World Matlock Review

Posted: Friday April 29 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

One of our first reviews since the pandemic struck! We moved to Derbyshire a few months before the pandemic so we haven't been able to get out as a whole family on some new giant adventures and see the fabulous offering since being locked down!

Gullivers World Matlock Bath Review

Gullivers World Matlock Bath Review, one of our first reviews since the pandemic struck! We moved to Derbyshire a few months before the pandemic so we haven’t been able to get out as a whole family on some new giant adventures and see the fabulous offering since being locked down! Kimi has been so excited wanting to try all the Gullivers World park but we settled on Matlock Bath closer to home for our first trip.

rides at gullivers world matlockOur review of our first visit to Gullivers Kingdom Matlock Bath which is based in the most beautiful edge of the peak district national park. Please be aware as we weren’t, that it is on a steep hillside and while totally do able if you have a pushchair you will feel it by the end of the day! There is a great chair lift so if you wish to start at the top of the park and work down that’s always a great shout although we gave it a miss as at 18 months old she was to little to go on and we had the push chair.

Gulliver’s theme parks have a number of locations Gullivers World Resort, Warrington; Gulliver’s Land Resort, Milton Keynes; Gulliver’s Dinosaurs & Farm Park; Gulliver’s Valley Resort and of course where we went Gulliver’s Kingdom Resort Matlock Bath.

Theme Park Entry Price For Gullivers World Theme Park Tickets Matlock Bath

On the rides at gullivers world matlockWe went on Thursday 21st April 2022 in the school holidays, I bought 2 adults, 1 8yr old at £18 each x3 and one under 90cm (free) costing £54.00. I did notice that the prices do change so do check as some days are more expensive than others. We were also lucky enough during the day to also get a 25% off voucher due to one on the spring shows so do keep your eyes open as usual for the latest special offers.

When we were in the park we also noticed there some unique themed family suite if you fancied an overnight stay with a dinosaur and unicorn sleep over short break packages for an extra adventure. We were so close we just did the day trip but may look at this for other Gulivers Kingdom adventures dependent on pricing.

Be aware the gift shop is right at the entrance and exit and you have to go past it, if you tend to have children who love to shop!

Who We Took To Gulliver’s Matlock Bath

rides at gullivers world matlockIt was me, Grandma and Kimi 8yrs and Eliza 18 months. Having read agreed it did say there would be some play areas and rides for younger children especially the model village for western world. Also if you have young ones with you I found the baby change areas immaculate.

Getting To Gullivers Kingdom Matlock Bath

Public Transport: We jumped the train from Chesterfield to Derby (20 mins ish) and changed at Derby to Matlock Bath (30m mins roughly) as we bought the family and friends railcard we got a discount and only spent £11.25 for one adult and one child. Really easy journey and no stress. The train goes through Matlock Bath every hour at 17 mins past when we went so easy to plan coming back. The train was pretty empty going but very busy on the 3.17 pm Matlock Bath to Derby as to be expected as the park closes at 5 pm. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the train station to the park, really easy to find follow the road round by the water and then cut up at The Fish Pond. It is a steep hill so be prepared if you have a pushchair as it’s doable but be prepared! Once at the top, you have another steep climb to get into Gullivers Matlock Bath but again totally doable just be aware you need some strong arms to get the pushchair up there in one go! Of course, there is also a car park on-site for those who are driving.

Gullivers World Matlock Park Layout

gullivers world matlock bathThe park is built on different levels where you have to walk up the hill to get to the top of the park and then back down. There are flat bits so it is not too taxing as the steep bits tend to be quite short but your legs will feel it. If you don’t have a pushchair and are ok with heights and your child is old enough to sit in the chair going up there is a chair lift you can get to the top of the park and work your way down which is a lot easier!!!

You get given a QR Code

Key rides for us

Log Flume – Not too steep but enough to get a little scream out of my 8yr old

Drop Tower – I don’t think I have laughed so hard me and Kimi couldn’t stop giggling, good fun and put a smile on everyone’s face along with some fabulous views.

Pirate Ship – We went on twice first in the middle then a bit braver a bit further out

Zip Line – Beyond amazing, the kids were flying around and loving it

Rollercoaster – Not sure grandma will forgive me for that one!

Waterslide – Unfortunately it broke so we couldn’t get on and it was on Kim’s top 3 so he was a bit gutted. But the kids who went on before were loving it.

Special Appearances

Dennis the Menace and Nasher were all over the park and Eliza was quite taken.

Food Outlets At Gulliver’s Land Matlock

gullivers world matlock bathBy the time we made it halfway up the stunning hillside we stopped for lunch just outside the indoor play area, there were lots of places to sit and plenty of bins! We brought our picnics as I wasn’t sure what the ques would be like for food. I did notice some pizzas for sale which looked amazing and looked to be about £11, but the great thing was it wasn’t in your face and there was so much seating for you to have your picnics. But as you would expect in any theme park the prices would be that bit higher but the food did look lovely from what we saw. Kimi didn’t fancy an ice cream so we got him a slushy for a bit of a boost as he had worn himself out with the excitement.

Overview of Gulliver’s Land Matlock Bath

kimi smiling at gullivers world matlock bathWe had a really enjoyable day and fantastic fun with some real memories and plenty of rides to keep us entertained and walking to keep us fit and tire them out by the end of the day! We will never forget the drop tower and how hard we laughed at a real moment between me and Kimi. The park could do with a little bit of paint and love but I don’t know I think it adds to its charm and don’t be expecting an Alton Towers as this is not what these parks are about. And in my opinion are a lot more enjoyable than Alton Towers. We hardly had to queue even in the school holidays and we spent over 7 hours with so much to do on our family adventures. However, if you’re looking for rides for the under 90cm you will be limited but they are very honest about that and they don’t charge for under 90cm. If you have been to Sundown Adventure Park then think that but for older kids. All the ride operators and staff members we met were lovely.

MMB Magazines Gullivers World Matlock Review

We would rate it a solid good and we will be going back!

Pros: Wide range of rides including some different ones like the zip line, great family day and felt good value for money at £18 a ticket when we went, and we also got given a 25% off for our next visit in one of the special attractions at the treasure treats mine that was open for the summer holidays. Team members were great and really helpful and happy. Some brilliant memories and lots of laughs we will be back.
Kimi’s Review: Love it, crazy rides lots of fun and i want to go back when the waterslide is back open.

Cons: Could do with a little bit of TLC as parts do look a little tired but I have a real soft spot for the place and think it just wouldn’t look as good all shiny and new. Remember its steep in places but totally do able with a pushchair in tow.

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