Top Derbyshire Gins & Distilleries

Posted: Thursday May 12 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

So with new craft spirits hitting the Derbyshire area who are the aspirational brands to look out for, who should we be watching in the Derbyshire spirit world?

Top Derbyshire Gins & Distilleries

With the craft gin industry exploding over the last 5 years showing a new purpose around gin we have seen an emergence of many high-quality craft distilleries and new gins in our local area all over social media and in many a local retail outlet. So with new craft spirits hitting the Derbyshire area who are the aspirational brands to look out for, who should we be watching in the Derbyshire spirit world?

With the abundance of fresh cool Derbyshire water and foraged organic botanicals, it’s no surprise that the county is home to some extremely good premium gin without any international ingredients. Our local gin distilleries are showing the results of their hard work with some amazingly simple and complex gin collections covering your traditional old school gins and traditional methods to those who are shaking it up and disrupting the gin industry.

MMB Magazine without a doubt loves to try all different kinds of gin as do our readers and we are excited to ask our resident gin expert Matt Darken who has his real vote of confidence within the Derbyshire Gin industry. Do the classic gin botanicals come out on top or do the pink gin, lemon peel, lemon drizzle, black forest, or strawberry candy floss gin take the top 3 spots?

ginspiredGinspired Top Derbyshire Gins & Distilleries

You can ask Matt Darken Owner of Ginspired yourself who his best gin brands are so why not pop into the market hall in Chesterfield and chat with him at Ginspired and make sure you take a bottle or two with you! Below are Matt’s top picks:

Hathersage Botanicals, The Shivering Mountain Gin

Hathersage Botanicals, The Shivering Mountain GinWe start with an exciting and unique recent addition to the gin scene with this intriguing bottle from Hathersage Botanicals, The Shivering Mountain Gin (£37.95)

Made in Hope Valley, in the heart of the Peak District National Park, and overlooked by the famous Mam Tor (or Shivering Mountain as the locals know it).

The bottle is striking, featuring the unique shape of Mam Tor inside the base of the bottle, as the colour and design cascade down the bottle creating a shivering effect. A work of art!

The gin itself contains locally foraged gorse, heather, and bilberries alongside traditional juniper, coriander, angelica, cardamom, and Seville orange with natural spring water from a hillside behind the distillery.

The taste is of a crisp London Dry gin style with the vibrant and earthy flavour and aroma of the Peak District in full bloom. Sweet sloes and bilberries soften and create a smooth rich finish with a good hint of peppery spice.

The team has also created a classic pink edition blended with fresh, juicy grapefruit.

Cuckoostone – Master of the Peak

Cuckoostone – Master of the PeakCuckoostone – Master of the Peak – £44.95

Bec and Ade, the talented and incredibly dedicated couple from the Derbyshire village of Barlow, have created this stunning range of Peak District-inspired gins.

Our focus is on the flagship Master of the Peak, the master blend.

This tiny but passionate distillery makes superb quality premium gins in ultra- small batches. Almost everything is done in-house by Bec and Ade. Ideas, design, creation, foraging, handcrafting, distilling, you name it, they do it all. They also work extremely closely with the gardens and house at Chatsworth to develop some brilliant gins.

The bottle itself is another work of art, featuring a beautiful hand-crafted detail and photography.
The gin is perfectly balanced and created to their tastes.

It’s fresh, floral, and crisp and the flavours and botanicals are pronounced and pure. Distilled with Douglas Fir pine needles to create that freshness of the forest, crab apples give a fruity sweetness. The overall flavour and body are strong yet delicate.

This is a proper gin connoisseur’s gin and a fantastic gift!

Derbyshire Distillery – Chesterfield Pomegranate Gin

Derbyshire Distillery – Chesterfield Pomegranate GinDerbyshire Distillery – Chesterfield Pomegranate Gin – £27.95

After all that foraging in the Peaks, we finish up closer to the home of Ginspired, here in Chesterfield.

A fun and fruity gin, and possibly inspired by not only the unique fruit but also the famous Chesterfield Pomegranate Theatre.

The base of this gin still remains true, with juniper and cardamom to the fore. The addition of pomegranate gives a sweet, bold, and fruity depth to the gin which is well balanced with its traditional gin botanicals.

Made at the Distillery here in Chesterfield where it is a hugely popular choice locally and a great gift for tourists who return with it from holidays in Derbyshire.

These are just three choices amongst the wonderful array of gins produced in the area, so get out there and explore these superb distilleries!

Let’s drink to Derbyshire and our local economy and local produce along with our fresh Derbyshire water! No matter your favourite gin types Derbyshire has some of the best gins on offer and the best regular gin-related events as well make sure these are on your radar! Looking for some gin cocktail recipes for inspiration?

# Top Derbyshire Gins & Distilleries