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BY Abbie Coleman

Editor of MMB Magazine

Abbie Coleman

Best piece of advice given to me by one of my first bosses
John Gibson of John Gibson Associates over 10 years ago.

“Never walk into a room and apologise for your presence
or apologise before you speak, you lose the confidence in
your audience and the strength in your message”

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A bit about me

I have lived in Leeds for over 10 years now, over 6 of those years running my own recruitment company. I have for my sins over 13 years experience within the recruitment industry and a few early years in France hosting luxury wine cruises! I happen to be on the wrong side of 35 for my liking and I am not too sure how that happened exactly, as the last 10 years seem to have whizzed by a lot faster than they used too. This however can probably be explained by the fact I know far to much about gin and prosecco than anyone outside the drinks industry should!

I have a 2 year old son called Kimi so yes we do have a F1 fan in the family, and I have under gone a very steep learning curve running a business , household , 2 Jack Russell’s, and being a first time mum.

Most of all I am passionate about women’s careers and strongly believe at a time of equality, working mothers should have the same right to a career and career progression, working part time as they do working full time. I hope Mothers Mean Business shows you a community of women who have been there and done it, fallen down got back up and been even better!

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The articles are there to offer all the information you need in one place and we will add new articles through the weeks and months to come to build a comprehensive catalogue for you. We are looking to promote the message out to businesses and to launch a job board of part time roles in October 2015, working with some great businesses and including some strong part time career roles.

We hope you will tune in through the weeks, months and years ahead for our articles or for a quick surf while you take a tea break, we hope you get what you need and become a firm supporter of Mothers Mean Business.

See you in the boardroom!

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