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Everythings Sweet Threads

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Why A Manchester Mum , Knows Everything’s Sweet 

MMB Magazine Flexible Working Story    By Abbie Coleman

You know when you see something you love, I mean really love and you just think this is bloody brilliant? 

Well last year I found the fabulous business that is Everything’s Sweet Threads. An amazing Manchester based mum in business who launched the most awesome t-shirts (Don’t even get me on the latest camo jacket they have released, that’s already selling out!).

So if you fancy rocking an awesome t-shirt along with one for your little one, that shouts about the Sistahood then trust me, I have found the place. Everything’s Sweet Online Shop

So let me let the fabulously far to cool Gerry, tell you all about why everything’s sweet in Manchester!

“I haven’t always known what I wanted to do with my life but when I’ve had an idea I’ve not been afraid to go after it. After finishing my law degree I went straight into practice and it didn’t take me long to realise it wasn’t the career for me. Fast forward a few years and I had quit my job as a lawyer and decided on a career in the equally competitive and cut throat world of fashion buying. I don’t know what made me so sure I could do it. I had no experience and no education in that field, but I had drive. I got that from MY MAMA! She has instilled in me that I can do whatever I want as long as I’m willing to work for it and that is exactly what I did.” Gerry.

There are a lot of empowering tees out there at the moment which is absolutely brilliant! Women supporting women, men supporting women, we’re all for that! We think our tees are a bit different. They’re inspired by some of our favourite bands and we think they are pretty cool! Bootleg feminist band tees. They’re a thing. We invented it.

We know not everything’s sweet for everyone and so the charity element is really important to us and hooking up with the Pankhurst Trust is a match made in heaven. There is the heritage side, working to keep that tiny terrace where the Suffragettes were born as an essential piece of history, to inspire and to educate. The Trust also incorporates Manchester Women’s Aid to provide invaluable support to women and children suffering or at risk of abuse. 10% of every sale we make goes direct to The Pankhurst Trust and we are working closely with them on a number of events coming up next year to celebrate the centenary of women getting the right to vote!

Check out the latest in there shop now

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