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Tech Returners

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Beckie Taylor Co Founder MMB Returner and CLOS Consultancy

By Beckie Taylor – Tech Returners

You can have it all…..

In April 2018 the gender pay gap report stated a 18.6% gap in technology which highlights the lack of female talent at senior levels and this is backed by the research that there is only 5% of females in senior roles in tech in the UK– we can all hazard a guess what is happening to our female talent – they are leaving the tech industry and we aren’t supporting their transition back.

A stat I am sure we all know is that only 17% of the tech workforce is female and this hasn’t increased in a number of years.

It’s unsurprising therefore that demand is increasing for tech talent the War for talent is a term we are hearing more and more, currently there are 69,837 tech job in Manchester and in line with current trends this is set to increase to 77,868 in 2019.

When I hear people talk about the challenges I often hear the same thing “there isn’t the talent out there”

However, …. I disagree!

Meet Jenny

Jenny is 39 married and has two children she has had a very successful 7-year career in legal but left the industry due to the inflexibility she encountered when raising her children, as a result Jenny took a career break.

Jenny has a wealth of transferable skills such as negotiation skills, working towards customer requirements, effective communication, logical mindset, plus many more.

During her career break she has found her passion for tech and in her own time started to look at code through online courses and attend tech meet-ups in the local area, Jenny is now exceptionally passionate about returning to a career in tech following her own learning and what she has learnt from others.

Her decision however isn’t an overnight one, she’ll have to find childcare for her youngest child, something which I’m sure some of us can relate to, it’s never easy leaving the care of your children to someone else but her drive and commitment to become part of the tech industry supersedes this, she has the desire…

But there is a gap….

There is a lack of flexible up-skilling opportunities in tech – all the courses she finds are full time, which is impossible whilst not earning and not having the means to afford childcare. She’s struggling to find financial support to up-skill or retrain and securing a loan or learning grant isn’t an option whilst she’s not working added to this the majority of courses cost thousands of pounds.

Companies can’t see past Jenny’s career break on her cv and they’re not seeing the wealth of transferable skills or the value she can bring to a business. In short there’s nothing on offer to support her transition back into the workplace.

But let’s for a minute imagine a world

Where she can have it all……

At Tech Returners our vision is to empower returners and really enable their opportunities in Tech. And we aim to do this by:

Developing returners, creating accessible routes into business through continual training and technology.

We run regular free courses which take participants through a structure which covers both the fundamentals of software development, frontend and backend development skills alongside personal development and career support. Our courses are flexible and inclusive offering daytime and evening study in a positive learning environment.

But what is the impact….

Let’s looks at it from Jenny’s point of view she can have it all – She will be able to up-skill whilst balancing childcare commitments and most importantly not having to fund her study. She’ll be supported to identify and showcase her transferable skills and with her transition into her new tech career and finding the balance she needs.

Yes, you can have it all!

Click here to find out more about the Tech Returners course.

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