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Tech Returners Reflecting On Achievements

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Tech Returners Reflecting On Achievements in 2019

Beckie Taylor Co Founder MMB Returner and Tech Returners
Beckie Taylor of tech Returners

By Beckie Taylor of Tech Returners

The festive season is upon us and as such it’s a time for reflection, as part of our recent marketing activity at Tech Returners we put together a video showcasing our year and whilst it was thoroughly enjoyable to look back at the year it also made me consider things I’ve learned, and so in this my final blog of 2019 for MMB I wanted to share just three learnings from this year which I’ll take into 2020 and beyond.

I didn’t get distracted 

The tech community in the North West is a great one, it’s also quite vocal and full of people and organisations shouting about what they do (and we’re no different) but it can be hard to close your ears to the noise and not get distracted by what others are doing and saying, and letting those thoughts of whether you or your business should be doing the same start to creep in.

As a business, we’re clear about our passion for returners and we’re fortunate to be surrounded by individuals and businesses who share that passion, who support our programmes and allow our offering to grow, so my learning here is to ‘ turn down the noise’ it will always be there, social feeds buzzing, events happening, things your competitors are doing – the key is to stay true to your passion and taking it step by step to get where you want to be – whether that’s in business, personal life or both.

I dreamt big

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that I’m a passionate advocate for Women in Technology and as part of that I have long held a desire to deliver a truly accessible conference for the women in the tech community, I have never delivered a large scale conference in my life but I knew if I could combine my passion with the right event professionals then with the support of the women in tech community as well,  I could make this a reality.

So in June 2019 I stepped into the unknown and announced the date for the inaugural Reframe WIT Conference to take place on 28th October 2019,  of course, the five months that followed were a blur of new challenges and new successes, getting speakers and sponsorship and the other key ingredients over the line to make this event happen – and then the final challenge I was also the host, I’d presented at smaller events before but never on this scale – I was far into Imposter Syndrome territory by this point BUT I did it, I teamed up with people who helped make one of my dreams reality and so the lesson learned here is don’t be afraid to dream big because with the right support those dreams are achievable.

I did it my way 

And so to the last point in this blog but by no means the least, I had a daughter this year (where did I find the time you might ask!) and you’d be right in a way, I already have a little boy who is 6 and I’ll be honest that juggling a growing business and a growing child is quite the challenge so adding a brand new member of the family into the mix only increased that!

But I learned that business and family can work together – literally, my daughter has been to meetings, on podcasts, featured in videos and really been a part of the Tech Returners team during 2019, I’ve shared before my struggles on my first maternity leave and subsequent return to work and I was determined this time it would be different, I returned to work 19 days after my daughter was born, and I’m not for one moment saying it wasn’t hard or I didn’t ‘have the occasional cry BUT it taught me that I can design life ‘my way’ and not to bow to other peoples preconceptions of ‘how something should be’ and this has possibly been the biggest learning of all.

What have you learned this year? Take a moment to reflect – you’ll be surprised!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and successful New Year!

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