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We are so excited to have launched MMB Manchester in November 2018 and look forward to launching our MMB Private Lunch Club in early 2019 along with our annual lunch.

MMB Magazine was launched in late 2015, by our founder Abbie Coleman. Having run her own recruitment business for over 8 years she returned to work after a short maternity break. She found her place in business seemed to have shifted due to the fact she was now a working mother looking at flexible working hours. She felt frustrated that women and working families still have to face such issues and launched MMB Magazine to change the employment landscape to allow more working mothers retain and develop careers after children. 

Whilst she was fortunate to have a strong business network to call on and able to create a flexible work pattern as an employer. She realised this was not available to everyone and so many working mothers  were being pushed out of their careers through the simple limitation of working hours not being flexible, especially women upon return from maternity leave.


We launched MMB Returners in October 2018 to support businesses engage, retain and develop.  Along with our maternity leave survey of over 1k mid to senior level maternity retuner readers and our #LeaveLoudly #ReturnLouder campaign.

Click here to find out more information about MMB Returner.


We also launched our flexible working directory listing companies who offer and consider flexible working along with a live job board of current roles. Including all roles that are flexible working, annualised hours, part time, job share and term time roles. Allowing our working parents to find the career roles and employers who offer flexible working.


A big part of our business is networking the right people together and our belief in strong networking events especially available to mid to senior level women after seeing so many events aimed at women being low-level events of no real business value. We now run a number of senior private lunches and our annual MMB lunch along with Senior HR lunches by invite only ensuring the right people are at the table


MMB Business Club was also launched in September 2017 to support working parents running their own business. Bringing credible advice and a monthly network event with specialist speakers


We have now launched MMB South Yorkshire & Derbyshire, MMB Manchester and in May 2018 MMB London and MMB Liverpool, MMB Nottingham aimed for late 2018.

Contact us now on or 0113 347 2290


Press As Seen In : Yorkshire Post, Business Quarter, Industry Today, Topic UK, BDaily, Yorkshire Times, Business Link, , Recruitment International Today, OnRec, Pay & Benefits, Town Talk Leeds

Radio As Heard on : BBC Leeds, Radio Aire






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