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MMB Magazine, the flexible working parents magazine for working parents was launched in late 2015, by our founder Abbie Coleman. Having run her own business for ten years she returned to work after a short maternity break. She found her place in business seemed to have shifted. This was through no decision of her own but due to the fact she was now seen differently.

Flexible Working Culture

Imagine your employee experience working for an employer who understood the need for flexible working practice and culture, that your child would need time off school with sickness, and that sports days and school plays were essential and valuable. They understood that a 9 am to 5 pm sat at desk working day wouldn’t fit every employee, and working fewer hours didn’t mean bringing less talent knowledge, experience, or promotion prospects. Imagine not feeling the fear of calling in because your child has taken ill imagine not feeling scared about the effect this would have on your career no matter the excellent results you deliver. Imagine working for an employer who just got how the right culture could have such positive results and did more than talk about it, they implemented flexible workplace practices. That they then positively promoted it throughout the business and all line managers did the same, imagine the employee engagement and productivity return they would have. Positive flexible inclusive cultures have a huge impact on companies and their employee. It’s time that we acknowledge and embrace the new way and new mindset that an employee is a person who has a life that will enter the workplace, and there is no reason to be afraid of that. Looking after the employee as a whole will gain you a loyal and highly productive and healthy and happy workplace producing their best work.

“What if we treated employees as people with lives that don’t stop when they come to work and we didn’t back away from this but embraced it as employers and supported them as a whole.”

When I meet with businesses to talk about working together I often start by asking if they feel they have a family-friendly working environment for working mums and dads. A lot respond “we don’t offer part-time jobs we offer can only offer a full-time job as it’s the best fit for us”. Somewhere along the line businesses started thinking of working mums not as talented professionals but as people looking for part-time hours generally in lower-paying positions. The number of times I would get told we have some amazing roles for mums that are part-time hours in our call center and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with working in a call center a lot of these roles were well under my working mum candidates previous salaries and the hours or shift patterns were never that beneficial to a working mum.

Working mums come in at all levels of careers and part-time hours aren’t their top request at all, in fact far from it. The top request is a flexible work culture in a role that matches or steps up from the role they were in before pregnancy. This is the mindset that employers need to grasp, working mums and dads are looking for flexible hours, and work flexibility in the positions they held or above before being a parent. Not fewer hours in more junior positions. There are so many different ways to deliver a flexible working culture so why default to part-time hours when we consider working mums?

MMB Magazine, the flexible working mum magazine for working parents, was launched in late 2015 by me Abbie Coleman. I ran my own business for eight years before 2015 when I returned to my recruitment business after a short maternity break with my first child. I found my place in the industry seemed to have shifted. This was through no decision of my own, but through the assumptions, the business landscape seemed to have already been decided upon, due to me simply being a return to work mum, without even asking me.

“Something as simple as offering flexible work options from simple changes in start and finish times can make a huge impact for working mums and working dads and hugely positively affect your business’s productivity and talent attraction and retention of top talent without affecting your business continuity and operational needs.” 

I was fortunate to have a strong business network to call on able to create a flexible working culture as an employer in my office environment. I realised flexible work schedules or flexible work arrangements were not available to everyone. So many working mums were being pushed out of their successful careers, sometimes through the common reasons of flexible work hours not being part of the company culture, or the very common “we couldn’t offer you that, what if everyone in the team decided to ask for flexibility as well”. With many businesses sticking or reverting to the traditional office space work arrangements of being at your desk, 8.30 am to 6 pm even as we come through the pandemic. Seeing someone at their desk is no way to measure a productive work environment, remote working, workplace flexibility or a hybrid work environment is nothing to be scared of. I wanted to find a possible solution to ensure working mums, maternity returners, and working dads could achieve a better work-life balance and the career they wanted within flexible schedules that worked for them in a supportive, flexible work environment. And in turn, supporting an employer to attract and retain the very best talent on the market with this workplace culture, not just the 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, desk-able job candidates. To get the right people you need to include all the people.

“There is no reason why our professional lives should have such a detrimental and negative impact on our family obligations and family time. We should all strive for a greater work-life balance and treat employees as human beings who have personal responsibilities that may cross over into work. The more fulfilled your employee’s personal needs are, the more the business needs will see a positive influence and rise in an individual’s performance, mental health, and genuine passion for their current position in the business. It’s time to work smarter and allow the working mum workforce to feel the benefits of a flexible work program within their careers instead of seeing them stalling and our gender pay gaps, pension pay gaps widening. It’s time to make a change now within our flexible work policies. It’s not just about part-time employees or full-time employees, it’s not about the number of hours you work. It’s about flexible arrangements and better collaboration, better employee management of the right key performance indicators that matter.”

MMB Magazine Working With Employers

MMB Magazine is working with employers to ensure the best and latest information is out there to support employers looking to ensure their businesses are inclusive for working parents, especially working mums. helping close the gender pay gap, pension pay gap, and motherhood penalty. Working with your human resources team to ensure the best results in employee attraction, employee engagement, and employee retention for such highly talented employees and business leaders. Our work centers around

  • Maternity returner programs for your staff members with our MMB Returner training course program
  • Employer support includes supporting a flexible working environment and supporting flexible work programs.
  • Maternity to return handbooks for staff and line managers.
  • The flexible working directory for employers includes a flexible working board where employers can place adverts for flexible working roles, part-time or full-time positions, and job sharing roles.
  • Returner Directory to advertise your returner programs direct to our working mum reader talent.
  • Financial advice for your employees from a qualified financial advisor who works with employers

Ensuring our readers have the information and support they need, from putting in flexible working requests and remote work arrangements to managing their return to work and finding part-time work and flexible jobs and employers who offer greater flexibility in the workplace. Our career section supports readers with practical advice from some amazing people about how to advance your career through family finance, working rights, maternity and paternity support, and our lifestyle section.

“There is no reason why our professional lives should have such a detrimental and negative impact on our family obligations and family members and time. We should all strive for a greater work-life balance. The more fulfilled your employee’s personal needs are, the more the business will feel a positive influence and see the rise in individuals’ performance, mental health, and genuine passion for their current position in your company, which surely is where the future of work needs to be”

# Flexible Working Culture

About MMB Magazine

Flexible Working Culture Directory & Job Board

Following the successful launch of our MMB Returners Programme, we also launched our flexible working directory listing businesses who offer and consider flexible working roles for working parents along with a live flexible working job board of current roles. Including all roles that are flexible working, hybrid working, annualised hours, compressed hours (working the same hours in fewer days ) , part-time jobs, job share and term time roles. Allowing our working parents to find the career roles and employers who offer flexible working.

MMB Returner Programme

  • Ensures a smooth and effective return to work
  • Better engagement and improved performance upon return to work
  • Clearer expectations and communication with manager and team
  • Focused career planning
  • Reduce overwhelm, stress, anxiety
  • Improve retention rates
  • Focus on talent development and career planning for career progression or diversity within the business
  • Support working towards closing the gender pay gap

Allowing your business to engage, retain and develop and attract highly skilled talent in a wide range of sectors and build an excellent reputation in the marketplace for an exceptional place to work. Take positive action for real impact for parents who have a young family within your company. MMB Returner Programme

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MMB Magazine Events

A big part of our business is networking the right people together and our belief in strong networking events especially available to mid to senior level women, after seeing so many events aimed at women being low-level events of no real business value. We now run a number of senior private working parents lunches and our annual MMB lunch along with Senior HR lunches by invite only ensuring the right people are at the table.

MMB Business Club

MMB Business Club was also launched in September 2017 to support self-employed working mums and dads and those working parents running their own businesses. Bringing credible advice to help you achieve they very best for your business.

MMB Business Club West Yorkshire
MMB Business Club South Yorkshire & Derbyshire
MMB Business  Club London
MMB Business Club North West
MMB Business Club North Yorkshire

MMB for working parents across the UK

Following a huge demand for our expansion, we have now launched MMB Magazine South Yorkshire & Derbyshire, MMB Magazine Manchester along with MMB Magazine West Yorkshire & North Yorkshire. Our network of creative, innovative working parents now spans across the UK, allowing us to spread the word for working mums and dads across the nation. If we are not in your area yet and your interested to launch your own MMB Magazine then contact us about our franchise opportunities.

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