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MMB Magazine Commercial Subscriber

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MMB Magazine Commercial Subscriber

MMB Magazine commercial Subscriber. Work with the North’s leading working parents magazine and immediately reach a main principal demographic of ABC1 working parents aged 30-44 years. Raise your company brand profile and services direct to our niche working parent market that includes working parent business owners.

By working with MMB Magazine as a regional commercial blogger you will be the only commercial subscriber in your sector on our team and at our private lunches.

We have an excellent reputation, having built our audiences trust with strong, credible and engaging content.

The Benefits…

  • Profile page promoting you and your business on the regional MMB working mum and working dad website.
  • Promotion of your articles on our popular social media pages and e-shots.
  • Promotion of your events within your subscriber field through our events page and social media.
  • Option to take part in MMB podcasts, videos, facebook lives, twitter hours and other marketing activities.
  • Your monthly articles published on our working mum and working dad website.
  • Free standard flexible working directory listing for your organisation in your blogging region.
  • Free posting of flexible working roles in your region for 12 months on our flexible working, part time, annualised hours, term time job boards.
  • First refusal on paid advertising space in our printed magazine.
    Article inclusion when a magazine print run is released, by also taking advertising in the magazine we will lock out competitors in your blogging remit from advertising in the magazine.
  • Exclusivity to lock out competitors from your blogging sector upon attendance of our private lunch.
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