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BY Sophie Dimond

SEND Family Network Founder

Sophie Dimond

‘Hello! Its lovely to have you here! My name is Sophie, I’m 27 and I work for our amazing NHS. I live in Cheshire with my wonderful family, my husband and two sons age 5 and 2. My eldest Son Jacob was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in December 2019. Like many special educational needs parents our story is long and unique but we now finally have a diagnosis. We knew even before it was confirmed that he was autistic and myself and my husband had already accepted that this was the case before we heard the words and so had all of our wonderful family. So when we had the final meeting in December and Autistic Spectrum Disorder was diagnosed it didn’t become a label but a diagnosis that would give him the support he needs to reach his full potential, and my love you will!

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I have been truly blessed with two incredible son’s, each with different and unique in their own way and each I will love and support every single day, every step of the way no matter what hurdles we have to over come but sometimes you do need just someone to talk to, some one who understands what its like to be in your world and that’s where I turned to Instagram. It helped me though the times where I really needed to talk to someone who knew what I was going through, who truly understood the hard times that came with autism and having a child with additional needs. This opened up a whole new world of incredible special educational needs and disability families to me, who have also taken to the internet to proudly share their story and look for support.

My blog posts are here to help as well as inspire, if you need some advice and support, information and events where you can connect with other SEND familes and much more!

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