3 Effective Ways To Juggle Family Life And Entrepreneurship

Posted: Tuesday April 26 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

As a working parent, you are probably familiar with the daunting task of combining family and business.

3 Effective Ways To Juggle Family Life And Entrepreneurship

As a working parent, you are probably familiar with the daunting task of combining family and business. It is a topical issue, and many people are seeking to create a smooth balance between both aspects of their lives. In the UK, 75.1% of female workers are mothers with dependent children, with some being breastfeeding mums. For fathers, statistics remained at 92.6%. Indeed, despite the wide gap between working mothers and fathers, the former often have to deal with more pressure. Here are some ideas to help balance family and entrepreneurship.


  • Train someone else


First of all, as a working parent, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You’re already dealing with so much pressure on both sides. Therefore, a smart move to make is to teach and train someone about the work you do. This way you can manage tasks by sharing some of the responsibilities. Indeed, this will also depend on how financially sound you are, because hiring a new person as a deputy costs money. On the other hand, when you already have a team that works with you, someone can easily be that crucial helping hand.

Some decades ago, there was the belief that working parents had to handle everything themselves. This was often the expectation for working mothers in particular. Unfortunately, trying to do everything on both fronts can sometimes mean you risk having tasks fall through the cracks. Therefore, an effective support network is an excellent strategy to help you achieve results in both areas of your life.


  • Enhance your business brand to avoid losing customers


First, because your time is heavily demanded by business and family, the risk of losing one or both is high. However, there are ways and means to enhance your business brand without compromising family time. To do this right, you may have to consider revamping your business’s marketing activities.

This includes seeking the services of a professional brand experience agency. They are poised to shape the perceptions and emotions that influence your target market’s commitment to your business brand. With expertise coming from an agency like that, you spare yourself the pressure of planning and executing every aspect of your marketing strategy.


  • Create a routine for yourself with a healthy dose of flexibility


Being flexible is always a tussle for working parents. It often feels like you’re not giving off your best when your children pull you away from work. As a matter of fact, this is often a problem for mothers who have to return to work after maternity leave. However, creating a personalised routine can help balance the various aspects of your life. Additionally, effective time management will determine the success of your life as a parent and professional.

Flexibility is the keyword here. Without an established routine, most of your days are likely to be unstructured and often unproductive. With a flexible schedule, you can achieve much in your professional life while playing your role as a parent. You can also accomplish so much in a few hours if you plan it right. Routine and flexibility can be your best friends if you commit to both as a working parent.