Five ways media coverage can help your business

Posted: Tuesday December 1 2020

By: Scriba PR

5 ways media coverage can help - It’s a special feeling when you see your company in the print and online press – especially when you know it’s a success story which you’ve helped to bring to the fore. Journalists are often keen to share your exciting news when there’s something of interest to tell. Therefore, you have to be the ones to understand exactly what your target market wants to read about – and that means not sharing every cough and spit about your business!

Five ways good media coverage could help your business

It’s important that you begin by focusing on what exactly makes your organisation stand out from the rest – and why it would engage a media title to cover your story.

For example, do you have remarkable growth that includes impressive turnover figures and projections? Maybe you have a trio of new recruits in senior positions who can transform your offering, or you’re celebrating a top-level client win?

Then there are the larger, meatier, articles that you could provide to encourage media coverage, such as advice-led features which not only pique the interest of a journalist, but your target market too.

When you get these elements right – and have the perfect story to tell – the resulting coverage can typically provide several benefits and impact that all-important bottom line.

Gaining brand recognition

Firstly, the biggest factor when achieving positive media attention is the awareness that you’re able to raise about your organisation. Having a page-turning article, that’s in front of your existing customers and prospects, enables them to get to know you more – and ultimately understand why you’re the right fit for them.

Obtain column inches in regional, national and sector-specific press – both in print and online – can truly go a long way towards building up your profile and becoming a ‘go to’ within the industry in which you serve.

Plus, customers will be looking out for what you’re doing next, so make sure your articles are well-written and consistently newsworthy so as to encourage further press clippings and keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds.

Powering lead generation

This next point follows on nicely because when you manage to create media buzz, it can help to drum up new business much quicker than a cold call might.

When an audience is getting to know your brand, a brilliant way to engage them is through producing advice-led content that ultimately makes their lives better.

For example, are you an IT firm that’s specialising in cloud technology and understands the impacts of the Internet of Things? If so, get writing down your top tips for helping firms migrate to the cloud in a simple step-by-step guide or provide commentary on what the future is looking like for digitally-first enterprises.

Not only will that often generate media interest, the resulting pieces which appear in print and online will help prospects answer any burning questions they might have. In addition, providing sought-after tips and advice can truly help your organisation to stand out from the rest – and encourage new customers to get in touch.

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