Reasons no one is reading your blog

Posted: Saturday July 4 2020

By: Abbie Coleman

You’ve written your blog, edited it thoroughly and published it on your site. You might be biased but you think it’s pretty good; it’s certainly better than other posts you’ve read. You wait patiently for the readers to come to your blog and make all your hard work worthwhile. A week goes by and you check your analytics. Nothing.

Reasons nobody reads your blog

By Lisa Slater – Make Your Copy Count

Nobody is reading your blog. 

Don’t lose heart. Your lack of readers may be nothing to do with your writing skills. In fact, you could write the best blog post in the world and still not attract an audience if you are making one of these three mistakes.

1/. Nobody knows your blog is there

Simply writing an amazing blog post and publishing it on your website isn’t enough. People need to know it’s there.

Share your posts on social media; ask friends, family and colleagues to share them too. Find businesses who share your target audience and ask them to share your posts with their followers.

Don’t just share your post once. Depending on which social media platforms you use, you might need to share multiple times a day.

Top tip: When sharing on Twitter make sure you use hashtags to reach a bigger audience.

2/. Your headline isn’t strong enough

Think about the way you read a newspaper. You scan the headlines and read the stories that grab your attention. Magazines put the most attention-grabbing headlines on the cover to encourage people to buy.

Your blog headline needs to be attention-grabbing too. When readers are scrolling through their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feeds you need to catch their eye. You need to make them click.

No matter how well written your post is, you won’t get any readers if you can’t attract them to your blog. Spend some time creating a strong headline. Make it as concise as possible.

Top tip: Headlines that include numbers get more clicks.

3/. You aren’t engaging your audience

Firstly, you need to understand who your target audience is. If you don’t know who you are writing for then how do you know what they want to read? Build up a profile of your average reader. Are they business owners? Are they homeowners? Do they have children? What hobbies do they have?

The next step is to choose subjects that will be of interest to them. What problems do they come across in their day to day life? If you aren’t writing about relevant subjects, then you won’t generate interest from your target audience.

Add value. Give your readers useful information, helpful advice or actionable tips. Put the information in a more interesting way than your competitors; don’t just write the exact same thing. Be interesting, informative or entertaining. Make it worthwhile for people to read your posts.

Top tip: When you write a blog post, picture a specific person and write as if you are talking directly to them about the subject.