Shopify – Your First eCommerce Business

Posted: Tuesday March 3 2020

By: Guest Blogger

We asked award-winning Shopify to share their thoughts and top ecommerce tips with MMB Magazine, read what they had to say below.

The opportunity of ecommerce

The online retail sector is booming.

According to popular authority site Ecommerce CEO, retail ecommerce sales have more than doubled in just the last five years, rising from $1.4T in 2014 to $3.4T in 2019, (where T = trillion, ie a million million!)

And this exponential growth trend looks set to continue, with expected figures close to $5T in just a couple of years’ time.

Recent studies suggest that by the year 2040, ‘95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce’. (NASDAQ)

This growth in online retail and ecommerce businesses represents a fabulous opportunity for anyone looking to follow their passion or be their own boss. But for families and working parents, the ecommerce revolution could offer them the family-friendly benefits they’ve been searching for – perks such as freedom, flexibility, and the ultimate work-life balance.

The increasing global marketplace is only one side of this very modern opportunity – the other side being the technology that makes setting up an ecommerce business a viable and relatively simple for almost anyone with a laptop and wifi signal.

The choice of ecommerce platforms means it’s easier than ever for newbies to get started and for casual sellers to raise their game and build a real business.

The prospect of moving from hobbyist to full-time sellers and business owners is a popular vision within the ecommerce community – one that is becoming a reality for many at an ever-increasing rate.

There is such a wide and increasing range of startup and enterprise ecommerce platforms that there has never been a better time to get into selling online.

And if you’re ready and eager to take advantage of this growth and potential to start your own successful, family-friendly ecommerce business, one of the most popular platforms to use is shopify.

Why is Shopify so popular?

Shopify’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-use platform make it a great choice for novices, newbies and the otherwise tech-averse.

Shopify also offers an affordable way to start a simple ecommerce channel, making it an appealing option to those looking to monetise a passion or test out an idea, invention, creative product or business model.

Whereas the robust customer service, along with the wealth of advice and support information available, mean that Shopify is also a viable contender for those looking to get more serious about their online selling and build a real, sustainable and profitable business.

With almost a million merchants in 2019, it’s clear that Shopify is a sound choice for entrepreneurs, creators and start-ups of all stripes who are looking to set up some kind of ecommerce enterprise.

Getting started

1 Do your homework

The first step in beginning any ecommerce venture is to know what you’re going to sell and that it’s likely to be profitable. It pays to do a good deal of research and due diligence before you even think about opening your online business. Luckily, the internet can help you out here, too, as there is a huge amount of information online as to what makes for a viable ecommerce venture. There are also online forums, groups or even social media channels that can help you test your ideas and gain feedback.

2 Set up shop

Compared to finding the right products to sell, setting up your virtual storefront is the relatively easy bit. If you choose Spotify for your ecommerce business, they have their own support systems to help you through the process, including a blog, How-To guides, an Academy, a Business Encyclopedia and even a podcast. Due to Shopify’s popularity, there’s also a thriving online community devoted to supporting Shopify sellers, so you should have your shiny new shop up and running in no time.

3 Spread the word

Once you have your business model in place and your online store set-up, the next task is to let your customers know you’re open for business. One of the most popular ways to attract the right people is to use Facebook advertising. It can be targeted to an astonishing degree, in terms of demographics and interests, that you can reach highly specific audiences with a relatively small advertising budget. Again, it does take a bit of homework to know what you’re doing, especially if you have a small budget, but the information is freely available online and from Facebook itself – and the opportunities are enormous. Ordinary people are becoming ecommerce millionaires by mastering the art of reaching their online audience.

Key points

So, if you’re thinking of starting an ecommerce business online with Shopify, you now have all you need to at least begin the process of exploring your options and considering your ideas. But here are just a few key points to bear in mind.

Track & Test

One of the great things about Shopify is that it’s a flexible platform that can start at a basic level and then grow with your business as it begins to take off. This gives online sellers a unique opportunity to test their ideas or business model without investing huge amounts of time or money upfront. So, it can be a savvy approach to start relatively small and track your initial results, to test whether your idea really is the profitable and sustainable venture that you hoped.

Compare platforms

Although Shopify is one of the biggest and most popular ecommerce platforms, it’s not the only one. It can be worth comparing the benefits of Shopify with the many alternatives to make sure Shopify offers the right services, costs & benefits for your business.

Make it You-Friendly

Like any business enterprise, your new ecommerce venture will require time, energy, commitment, and passion, especially in the early days. To help set yourself up for success, it’s worth bearing in mind how much your business idea aligns with your strengths, talents, and interests. You’re much more likely to stay the course and put the hours in if you’re in it for more than mere profit.

Whether you already have an idea for selling online, or we’ve inspired you to look for ways to monetise your creative talents or entrepreneurial skills, hopefully you’ll see how the growth of ecommerce and Shopify are the perfect combination for building an ecommerce business that supports your career or income goals, as well as more quality time with your family and a healthy, balanced home life.

Shopify – Your First eCommerce Business  02/10/19