Top Ten Tips for Bloggers

Posted: Monday May 2 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

Blogging is a great way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site but how do you make sure your blog posts are effective? Whether you are creating your own blog or blogging for someone else, our top ten tips for bloggers will help keep you on track.

Top Ten Tips for Bloggers

By Lisa Slater 
Make Your Copy Count

Know your audience

If you don’t know who you’re writing for, how do you know what to write about? The first thing you need to do is understand your audience.

Establish exactly who you are targeting so you can choose subjects they will relate to.

Choose a strong title

It doesn’t matter how good your post is if nobody is reading it.

A strong title will attract more readers but never use an unrelated headline just to get more clicks.

Tell the reader exactly what to expect (like the headline we’ve used for this post) or intrigue the reader, enticing them in.

Keep your title under 70 characters to avoid it being cut short in search results.

Keep the intro concise

If you’ve managed to attract readers with your headline, don’t put them off with a boring introduction.

Keep your intro short; people don’t want to read an essay before they reach the main points. Summarise what your post is about or use a question, interesting statistic or anecdote to set the scene.

Make it scannable

Not everyone will read your post from start to finish. Make it easy for people to scan by using sub-headings. List posts (like this one you’re reading) are ideal for this but you can add sub-headings to any type of post.

Utilise keywords

Keywords make it easier for people to find your post but make sure you use them sensibly.

Avoid stuffing your post with keywords as it won’t make sense, you’ll lose the readers’ interest and the search engines don’t like it. Try including your keyword in your title and then naturally throughout your post.


Watch the word count

If your post is for your own website then you can dictate the word count. If you are guest blogging, clarify the word count in advance and make sure you stick to it.

It is recommended that you make your posts at least 300 words to give search engines sufficient data. Write as much as necessary to cover the subject but don’t waffle.

Make it easy to read

Don’t use too many long sentences as they are hard to follow. Large blocks of text put readers off so keep paragraphs to a maximum of four sentences.

Avoid filling your post with industry jargon and obscure acronyms. Think about who you are writing for.

Tell the reader what to do next

Once the reader has finished reading you don’t want to lose them. Suggest a related article, link to one of your products or services or encourage them to share, subscribe or comment. If you are guest blogging, include a link back to your website.

When linking to another web page, use a hyperlink within the copy rather than including the full URL.


You don’t want to spend hours researching, writing and editing your blog post, only for it to be let down by a few typos.

Leave your post overnight and go back to it with fresh eyes to check for mistakes. If possible, get someone else to check it or use grammar checking software.

Never duplicate content

Always use original copy. If you are guest blogging for somebody then share a link to your post but never copy and paste it into your own site. Search engines don’t know it’s yours so they’ll just view it as plagiarised content.


Your blog is a reflection of your business so make it stand out for the right reasons. Don’t leave it to the last minute and end up with something substandard. Follow our ten tips for a better blog and give it the time and effort it deserves.

# Top Ten Tips For Bloggers

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