Utilising Social Media to win your next client

Posted: Wednesday January 8 2020


As well as having a fully-functioning, slick website to engage your target market, it’s also a great idea to have a strong presence on social media especially when encouraging more new business opportunities. Having a social profile is often a necessity for many organisations, so it’s worth considering if you’re not utilising these platforms already. After all, it could help you win your next big customer!

Most channels are relatively easy-to-use and if you do things right, it should go a long way towards enhancing your outgoing comms – and giving your audience a ‘go-to’ online.

If you get their attention, you’ll be on their radar – and that initial prospect could transform into a long-term customer. Here are some quick-fire, simple tips for you to try…


Following the right people

Admittedly, having hundreds – or even thousands – of followers can look impressive to the outside world, but to really get people’s attention you need to be engaging with the right people.

Look to connect with other influential users in the industries which either interest you or are linked to your field of work. This can automatically put you in the mind’s eye of others – which should make it easier to develop deeper connections and drum up online conversations.


Get tagging

Mentioning businesses and publications in your posts where relevant should mean you’re more likely to get extra engagement on informative content. This, in turn, results in a larger audience reach and the potential for greater interaction. Additionally, a customer that you’re not connected with may see your post in their own network and get in touch.

Tagging is also a great way to show your support to other firms – and don’t forget to engage with journalists if they’ve reported on your business or a story you’ve submitted.


Sharing current news

Commenting, retweeting or forwarding relevant stories that affect your industry is a great way to create an authoritative voice for your brand. It shows that you’re up to date with what’s topical at that moment in time and position you as a ‘go-to’ commentator in the sector. As a result, this should demonstrate that you operate a reputable and active company.

Telling people what’s going on

A great way of creating a personality for your brand, is to delve behind-the-scenes and let people know about what’s happening in the business. Do you have a recent client win that you think deserves the spotlight? Or an employee Q&A that gets customers to meet your team? Share it!

Helping the audience to understand who you are as a brand – and what you stand for – can go a long way towards being viewed as an approachable, friendly firm who people want to work with.


Being active

Finally, it’s important to be present on social media if you are to truly attract the attention of future clients. You can’t be seen to be posting infrequently or sharing inappropriate and controversial content – as your customer won’t want to engage.

By reacting positively to current news, posting regularly (without spamming!) and providing valuable content, these steps can help to provide that all-important competitive and commercial edge.

If you’re new to the digital world, these simple steps should help when you’re first starting out. It’s also good for the savvier social media users to keep reviewing your current content and ensuring you’re getting the basics right. Make some simple tweaks as you go, in order to transform your online presence.

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