Why you need a business blog

Posted: Saturday July 4 2020

By: Abbie Coleman

Why your business needs a business blog

By Lisa Slater

The benefits of blogging

Research shows that businesses who blog get more website visitors and more leads. Ultimately, this results in more business.

Having a good business blog will help you:

  • Improve SEO
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase social media following
  • Establish your company as experts in your field
  • Build quality inbound links
  • Drive more traffic to your site

There’s no way to know in advance how much extra revenue you’ll get by having a blog; you’ll only find this out once you’ve started. Don’t let this deter you. If done right, your blog can be a fantastic marketing tool.


One evening, I was walking home thinking about the value blogging adds to a business.  As I was walking, I passed a shop that I pass every week. I had never really paid any attention to this shop and had never been in before.

On this particular day, there was a dress in the window that caught my eye. I stopped to take a closer look before going in to try it on.

That was when it occurred to me how to explain why you should blog…

Your blog is like a shop window

Your website is an online shop. People visit it, look around and decide whether there is anything they want to buy.

Your blog is just like the shop window.  It’s the thing that draws people in.

You’ll have some people that will visit your ‘shop’ regardless of what’s in the ‘window’ and some people that will never come in. Then you’ll have people like me; people who are drawn in by that one thing in the window that suddenly catches their eye.

One particular blog post could be the post that encourages someone to visit your site for the first time. Once you’ve drawn them in, you have the opportunity to show them how great your company is and why they should invest in your products or services.

Getting started

Before you rush off and write your next blog post, you need a plan. You need to know who you are writing for and what to write about. Consider who your target audience is and where you will be sharing your blog posts.

Always make sure that your blog relates in some way to your business. You wouldn’t put antique teapots in your shop window if you sold children’s shoes; you’d attract the wrong type of customer and they’d walk straight back out.

Plan your blog posts in advance and put aside time each week or month to work on writing, editing and sharing them. Building a successful business blog can be hard work but it can also generate some amazing results.

We limit each course to eight places so that we can really take the time to focus on your individual business blog. You’ll leave with the skills and confidence to write engaging posts so you can get your blog off to the best start.