Diary Of A SEND Parent

Posted: Saturday July 18 2020

By: Sophie Dimond

Diary Of A SEND Parent

‘I write this as my eyes are full of tears, I try so hard not to cry as the boys are playing nicely and I don’t want them to know that I am upset. A battle. Why always a battle? Why does every phone call mainly bring negative news which makes me have to hold back my tears?

I always thought that once we had fought through getting an educational health care plan for Jacob then we would be on a much easier path, but no, I should of know it will always be a battle to get what is best for my child, it will always be pushing and email after email to get something as simple as going to school with the support he needs and COVID 19 has really thrown the spanner in the works for us all.

Sadly this is something I hear about every day, as parents pour their hearts out about their daily struggles, lack of support, funding and advice. Some even fighting for the medical needs of their child.

This part of our journey new, it is raw, it is a battle. Another battle we will fight.

I hope you find comfort in the special needs and disability community together. Each week when I get messages thanking me for what I am doing, it is not me, it is you! All of you for each helping one another through SEND Saturday, sending out you love and support even when you are struggling with your own battles. I hope you find help in the useful links I will keep providing, because I do this for you, I do this for us, I do this for change.

I may not have much of a voice to make a change yet but I will keep fighting and all of us together will be heard!’

Sophie xxx

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