Why Choose Family Mediation?

Posted: Thursday January 13 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

As family mediation week approaches we thought we would do a short summary of the benefits of mediation.

Why Choose Family Mediation?

By Sally Clark – Barnes Family Law

As family mediation week approaches we thought we would do a short summary of the benefits of mediation.  We believe they are as follows:-


The process of family mediation is a fraction of the cost of Court proceedings. There is Government funding available for child mediation at present and if you qualify for Legal Aid the cost of mediation is met by the Legal Aid Agency;

At Barnes Clark Mediation we offer fixed fee costs for all of our mediation services and work so that costs are manageable and there is complete transparency.


Mediation is a far quicker process than any litigation proceedings and most services offer flexible appointments both on line and in person to help fit in around busy work schedules and child care commitments;

Moving forward

Mediation is about moving forward and negotiating an outcome for you and your family. In child mediation the mediator’s role is to help you as parents work together for the benefit of your children/young people. For financial mediations our role is to work with you and work alongside other professionals to help negotiate an outcome without spending thousands of pounds and many months/years in Court proceedings;


Mediation is an inclusive process. Specially trained Child Inclusive Mediators such as myself are able to speak to your child/young person to enable all family members to have a voice in a confidential and sensitive manner. For more information on Child Inclusive Mediation click on the attached link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGt7KGZHR-g

In financial mediations we work with Independent Financial Advisors, lawyers, mortgage advisors, pensions’ experts and other professionals to help you through the process and ensure that both parties have the support you need to make the important legal decisions.

Decision making

Separating can be a very unsettling and scary time. Through mediation we support you to retain control of your own decisions rather than handing important life decisions over to a stranger in a Court room. We work with you to help you to achieve positive and fair outcomes.

The Family Mediation Council are co-ordinating lots of press releases, webinars, talks and events during Family Mediation Week.  More information family mediation do contact www.familymediationcouncil.org,uk.

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