#LeaveLoud #ReturnLouder Campaign

Posted: Monday March 2 2020

By: Abbie Coleman

“We don’t believe maternity leave should be seen as a negative point in a working woman’s career and we sure as hell think she should come back stronger than ever as a business professional, no apologies. “ Abbie Coleman – MMB Magazine Founder

Launch of #LeaveLoudly #ReturnLouder Campaign

We are so proud to kick off the start of our #LeaveLoudly #ReturnLouder campaign with MMB Returners, to highlight how many women are being left disengaged or worse feeling pushed out after returning from maternity leave and as a business community we need to do more.

MMB Returners was co founded by Abbie Coleman, Founder of MMB Magazine and Beckie Taylor, Founder of Tech Returners and CLOS Consultancy, to deliver a returner programme that does exactly that. The MMB Returners programme is ready to change the future for working mothers.

We have just completed our maternity returners survey of over 1k returners and will be releasing this information along with some never mentioned before stats over the coming weeks.




Click here to download and print the #LeaveLoudly #ReturnLouder Campaign Sign

Show your support here for maternity returners by downloading your printable support sign. Just take a selfie and share on social media with the #LeaveLoudly #ReturnLouder hashtag. Help us make a change for maternity returners futures.


The aim of our campaign is to raise business awareness around the type of support that’s not out there at the moment for so many and support businesses support this talent.

We believe providing bespoke support for short and long-term returners. Ensuring returners have a successful transition back into their careers through personal and professional development. Allowing companies to retain and attract and develop talent which creates an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Traditional models often then stop, but MMB Returner believe in continuing to develop returners through a programme of executive coaching, mentoring and access to a professional network of events.

Maternity returners are highly skilled employees with a wealth of talent, whom were employed and retained pre pregnancy due to the wealth of talent, knowledge, skill and profitability they brought to their business, this shouldn’t change or stall after maternity leave.

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If you wish to be involved, share your story or show your support please contact us on returner@mmbmagazine.co.uk.

Want to find out more about the MMB returner programme as an employer? Then contact abbie@mmbmagazine.co.uk