Returning & balancing your return

Posted: Tuesday April 2 2019

By: Guest Blogger

My last blog for MMB was entitled ‘ You can have it all!’ and it’s a title which got me thinking! being able to access a fulfilling career whilst managing childcare or other responsibilities is one of the biggest reasons people access the courses and support we offer at Tech Returners, and so we are firm believers in ‘having it all’ BUT, we also realise that when the washing pile is halfway up the wall, when you’re ordering pizza for the 3rd night on the run instead of cooking dinner or projects are piling up in the workplace, that you may not feel like ‘your managing it all’ And so for this month’s blog I’ve decided to share just a few practical tips on finding space, balance and acceptance.

Set out objectives when returning

Returning & balancing your return. My first piece of advice is around setting objectives which is something I find incredibly useful and valuable, each week I like to set out my objectives from a personal and professional point of view really focusing on what I need and want to achieve that week. From a personal point of view it might be how many times I want to do the school run, get to the gym or even read a book for a hour. From a professional point of view it might be meeting with my team, attending events or doing the finances! I find the old fashioned list and ticking things off as I go works really well throughout the week and setting objectives overall also helps to prioritise the things which are important, more on that later! The MMB Returner Survey also supports the need for more support upon returns.

Work Smarter

A quick look at LinkedIn will find you faced with plenty of posts imploring you to get up at 4am and hustle – sure if that’s your thing fair enough but since you’re here reading this blog I suspect it isn’t! And so my advice is to prioritise the things you really need to get done and don’t get caught up in things which are unproductive – do you really need to go to every meeting you’re invited to? Can you dial into the meeting instead? Do you spend several hours by the football pitch or at ballet class every week – can you use that time more effectively to achieve both professional and personal tasks that you’ve prioritised?

Accept things won’t be perfect

Sometimes things will not be perfect in returning and learning to accept that is a great step towards achieving balance. If you are busy and juggling a million things it’s incredibly important to learn to let some things go, this is where setting out objectives becomes really important because if something wasn’t a priority anyway it’s a firm reminder to not put additional pressure on yourself to achieve it. There will be days when you leave the office but everything isn’t done, there will be days when you don’t make it to the office because your kid has chicken pox and there will be days when Netflix judges you’ are you still watching Pokemon?’

Take time to reflect

Weeks can go past in a blur and when you are constantly busy it can be tough to feel you are achieving things but you are! And so for my final piece of advice, I recommend creating a record of things you’ve achieved during the week from a personal and professional point of view which allows you to reflect and take a moment to recognise your achievements and regroup for the following week!