Covid 19 and Co-parenting

Posted: Thursday March 19 2020

By: Sally Clark

Covid 19 – and Co-parenting. Parenting after separation is difficult enough without Covid 19 being thrown into the equation. We thought it be useful to address some possible concerns:-

Covid 19 – and Co-parenting

What happens to arrangements for my children with my ex partner if school closures happen?

If you both need to work and unless either of you have to self isolate then it is a good idea to try to work together so that your children can see each of you. If you are able to put differences aside on a practical level so that life can continue to operate as normally as possible that would be the best possible scenario, particularly to avoid grandparents or vulnerable relatives having to step in to provide care.

We have an agreed arrangement. However I have to self isolate what should I do?

If you have your child/children in your care it is important that you follow Government advice as to self-isolation.  If the other parent is not in self isolation then it may make sense for your children to remain in your case until the self isolation for your household has run its course.


If your children are in the care of the other parent and the reverse applies then if you are healthy and not displaying symptoms you may discuss with the other parent that the children stay in that household and you keep in touch via Skype/Face time if you need to continue to work.


If your children become ill then it is important that they are safe and feel safe, supported and looked after and that you keep each other informed as to progress. Children can keep in touch with you and/or their other parent via Skype/Facetime as regularly as possible during any self isolation period.


What do I do if I need advice during this time?

Most legal practices are offering telephone and on-line appointments even if face to face appointments are being suspended.

At the moment Family Courts are operating as normal however we anticipate that some hearings will be possibly adjourned if the situation worsens or more hearings will take place by telephone.

Most family mediation practices are able to offer appointments by video link or Skype

These are challenging an unprecedented times for which there is no blue print.

If you need advice and want to get in touch we offer free telephone appointments. Please contact us on 

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Covid 19 and Co-parenting