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5 Ways To Build PR Coverage

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5 Ways To Build PR Coverage


By Danielle Hemmens



Having a firm grasp on the PR side of your business is of paramount importance, and will be one of the decisive factors in deciding how successful your company is, or will be in the future.
Don’t worry though, this is a straightforward procedure which (virtually) anyone can do.

The first point that you need to understand, is that all areas of the press strive to get their mitts on great content that is able to engage with their audience. This then results in a larger audience, which then leads to them being able to attract more advertisers which brings in more revenue.

From experience, it can be difficult to be able to get the ear of the press, especially the national and international (if you dream that high) organisations.

So, to get their attention you need to stand out from the crowd, and approach things differently- you need to be ‘smarter than your average bear.’

Following the five points outlined below could result in your business getting much more media coverage, whilst also vastly growing your clientele.

1) Run a contest that is different.

Contests are usually a sure-fire way of drawing people in, especially ones that are media-friendly and are designed to help people, not just with the sole intention of advertising a business.
Ensure that you come up with something that is a little ‘left field,’ that not everyone else is doing. This could be a posting an online video about your company around a specific theme, and then allowing people to interact with it through your media platforms. This could continue to get reused and will end up reaching potential customers that you may never have previously considered.

2) Apply for contests and awards.

As you are probably aware, there appears to be an award for everything nowadays (and I literally mean EVERYTHING)!
The chances are the majority of people will never have put their business forward for an award or contest, convincing themselves that it’s a total waste of time as they odds of them winning are heavily stacked against them.
Now is the time to change your stance on this by entering most, if not all the contests that your business is eligible for. This has numerous upsides, with no downsides. The best-case scenario is your company wins the contest and you are now an ‘award-winning’ organisation which has gained lots of press pick-ups both nationally and locally. This added coverage, and the fact that many other businesses and clients will want to be associated with a winner, will undoubtedly generate additional custom and revenue. Worst-case scenario, well there isn’t one- you simply just don’t win the award.

3) Find out about your customers.

The most valuable asset to any business is its customers. Companies live or die by their clients, no clients equals no business.
Your company is in the privileged position by having access to your customers, so why not take adavantage of this by trying to grow your company and attempting to establish it as an industry leader. This is easily achievable by simply conducting an online survey with your customers about something that is currently of interest or topical in the news at the time. This could result in additional coverage, with some websites wanting to do a write-up on your business.

4) Parade about a success.

If someone has achieved something from using your business why not shout about it? Contact media outlets and tell them about your success. You never know, there may be a target audience in their readership that could benefit from this success story. This is a win-win, and benefits both you and the media outlet who use the story. Your business will be up in lights, and they will be able to connect with a proportion of their readers.

5) Mention growth.

If your business is lucky enough to be growing, tell the whole world and his wife! A few positive things will come from this- strategic partnerships, potential acquisitions, new hires, and new customers. Concentrate on the following –

Revenue and customer growth in percent. Show this by week, month or year, whichever portrays your business in a more positive light.

The number of consecutive months that you have been profitable.
The number of new products you have introduced.
The number of new areas that you’ve conducted business in.
The number of new partnerships that you’ve secured.
The awards (all) that your business has won.

These are all positive, and good news stories, and show your company to be in rude health. This will inevitably attract new customers because clients want to be part of a successful and trustworthy business.

If you remain unsure about how to implement your PR strategy, or would just like additional information, please contact Brighter Directions on 01246 586330, or at

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