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MMB Business Club – Free PR For Your Business

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11th October 2018
Piccolinos Sheffield city centre
10.30am to 12 noon
£20 plus VAT (Bring a new guest with you for free)

Join MMB and Claire Curzon from Brighter Directions a multi award wining PR organisation.

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Claire Curzon is Managing Director of Yorkshire/ Derbyshire headquarters content agency Brighter Directions, specialising in working with fun, aspiring companies delivering PR, social and content marketing solutions locally and nationally. In her previous life (a long, long time ago) she started her corporate career in media, working for local press all the way up to national and global news channels across editorial and digital innovation departments, so she knows how and what gets your business noticed, fast and effectively!


This mini PR workshop will show you how you can maximise media to generate coverage for your business, whether you are looking to push your latest projects, celebrate your local success or recognition, or simply shout through the roof about something you are passionate about, we are here for the morning to give you the inside secrets of how you can win over the media!

• Setting goals for your PR communications
• Finding the right media and coverage
• How to speak to journalists and ‘sell’ your story
• What to do after the yes!


The MMB Business Club is a chance for small business owners to network together and get actionable business advice on a variety of topics. We’re building a community of like-minded people who are looking for mutually beneficial opportunities to work together. Whether you need expert guidance, someone to bounce ideas off or are looking to do a skills swap, The MMB Business club can help.
*This is not a pure referral group or a pure sales lead generation networking group. we believe in people investing in each other to build a strong mutually beneficial network to do business. This is not the group for you if you are looking purely to sell rather than build relationships.

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