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Pizza Day Competition

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Well, there are many PR days through the year but this one we certainly love and so do our amazing friends at Piccolinos, Sheffield, it is National Pizza Day on the 9th of February!

PIZZA FACT: Did You Know Pizza Is Fit For A Queen? 

Did you know, the pizza mozzarella, got its name as  Queen Margherita demanded to try several varieties of pizza and the one she loved the most had cheese, tomatoes and basil was eventually christened pizza Margherita after her!


On National Pizza Day, its time to celebrate the iconic Italian dish and MMB Magazine and Piccolinos are giving the reader a chance to dine out.

Piccolinos Sheffield is offering one of our MMB Readers the chance to enjoy two pizzas and some wine over lunch or dinner, on them!

It’s time to have a date night or time with that friend you never get to see without you both having the kids with you! Have a lunch or evening out and enjoy the wine and conversation!


To take part simply answer the question below! Our competition is for readers only so simply sign up for our working parents email to be elible.

National Pizza Day

    To be eligible to enter the competition you must be a free subscriber to our MMB Magazine. To sign up simply tick the boxes you would like to receive newsletters on once a month.
Terms & Conditions:

The prize is non transferable for cash or another prize and only avilable at Piccolinos Sheffield. The competion will run until the 18th February 2018. A winner will be selected at random and judges decision is final. Should the winnern ot claim the prize within 72 hours another will be selected.

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