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Save time with a to-don’t list

Amy Milchard

By Amy Milchard – Pink Spaghetti

The to do list is the rock beneath you. But what keeps taking you off track? Maybe it’s time to look at those areas rather than getting more and more stressed over the to do list. Often things on the to-do list are cyclical or will soon be replaced with new jobs to do.
But the to-don’t list won’t. The to don’t list is full of those things that slow you down. The bad habits. The distractions. The tasks to outsource. Tackle them once and you’ve tackled them forever.

See how many of these 7 deadly habits you have. Can you drop them?

1.  Having your phone near you at all times. If you can transfer your calls or outsource them to a reception service when you have a lot to do, do it. If not, try 45 minutes with the phone out of eyesight. After 45minutes check the phone, return any important messages for a maximum of 15mins then back to work. Any call longer than that is a telephone meeting that you can schedule later. You’ll be surprised how much you get done when you can’t see the phone flashing!

2.  Coffee reliance. Drink enough water instead. No brain operates well without it. In the 15minutes while you check your phone, grab a glass of water. The caffeine isn’t what you need after all. Your brain will feel more alert for it and you’ll make clearer and faster decisions as a result.

3.  Handling unnecessary enquiries. You don’t actually need to negotiate the available days for your appointments, you can use an automated system such as 10to8 or Calendly, both of which are simple, integrate with websites and a range of calendar apps, and come with free versions.

4.  Social media. Couldn’t leave it off the list! Needless to say we all are guilty of being distracted. You can solve some of it by keeping your phone at a distance while working, downloading browser extensions that time your usage of sites, and turn notifications off (you can also set them to be on and off for certain periods on your phone settings). If you have business pages, do you really need to be managing them yourself?

5.  Reactive behaviour. You see an email subject that sounds like you know the answer and dive in before thinking where it ranks in your day’s priorities. Trust that you have an allotted time to respond to non-emergency messages and move on!

6.  Putting others first a little too much. Stick to your plan for the day unless you truly can be flexible.

7.  Over thinking. If you have a great idea while working on something else, note it down and come back to it when you have time. If you have a decision to make, make a quick call to a trusted friend or colleague. Verbalising it starts to process it. You’ll make your decision twice as fast compared to dwelling on it yourself.

Ticking things off the to-don’t list will always get the to-do list completed faster for you.

If you were born before 1990 you got used to pen and paper long before. 

Read Amy’s other top tips for creating more time to work on your business than in it, by clicking here.
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