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Private Lunch Club – Imposter syndrome

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Date: Monday the 20th May 2019
Time: 12noon to 2pm
Location: Private dining suite – The Leopold Hotel, Sheffield City Centre
Host: Natalie McMillan
Lunch: Two course lunch with wine and coffee.
Cost: £50 plus VAT

Natalie McMillan Coach MMB working mum and working dad magazineNatalie McMillan one of our resident bloggers for MMB Magazine will be hosting the lunch club around the topic imposter syndrome. Natalie is passionate, first and foremost, about supporting women in leadership roles. Having worked her way up to a Chief Executive in a business with 1500 people and £70m turnover, Natalie has recognised the pitfalls and challenges that often means we find ourselves having to work that bit harder than our male counterparts.  If you haven’t already read some of her fantastic career articles then click below:

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If it is good enough for Michelle Obama, then it’s good enough for me. Imposter Syndrome!

Most of us experience this in our careers and it can be both a force for good and bad.  The lunch will be talking about both sides of the imposter syndrome  and whether it is more prevalent in women and what we can do about it.

To book on to the event please email for the online booking link.

* This event is for mid to senior level professionals only

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MMB Magaizne private lunch club

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