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Tiro Talent Services – Chesterfield Networking Lunch

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Tiro Talent Services have established a fantastic Chesterfield networking lunch in for businesses in the Chesterfield area called Jigsaw Networking and after the great feedback from previous Jigsaw events this is now an event that is hosted monthly throughout the year.

If your looking for a great event to network with fellow SME business owners from the Chesterfield area in a relaxed environment, then this is the lunch event for you.

Chesterfield Networking Lunch

The business lunch is hosted by Lisa Betsworth and is often held at the fantastic Cipollini Restaurant (Above The All Saints Tap) in Chesterfield from 12pm until 2pm , all though the venue does alternate so please make sure you contact us ahead of time as we would love you to join us.

The cost of the event is just £20.00pp + VAT payable in advance.  Once you have joined us for your first experience and if you feel it would be beneficial to your business to join the Jigsaw Network there are membership offers available to then lock out any competition.

If you would like to be added to the guest list please get in touch with Lisa at


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