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Karina Leacock


By Karina Leacock, Personal Stylist – House of Colour

Be authentic

Maybe you are edgy and love to rock your look with an urban cool zipped biker jacket with a gorgeous vintage dress. Perhaps you love an opulent trouser suit to bring some class to the table. Alternatively, maybe a perfectly proportioned tea dress makes you dazzle. Whatever your style personality, you want to feel fabulous on Valentine’s Day. Be bespoke – we all want to be liked for who we are.

Casual date

For those of you going to a venue which warrants more of a smart-casual vibe, putting together the right style trousers with a pair of heels is a match made in heaven. When done right this look is effortlessly chic. Whether you are fusing classic jeans and patent heels, or cigarette trousers with a chunky-heeled short boot, you can never go wrong with the trouser & heel combo as long as you are wearing the right length and style of trousers with shoes that look and feel fabulous on you.

Touch of rouge

When we think of Valentines, the first colour which springs to mind is of course red. Primary red is the only colour which suits everyone’s skin tone, but all other reds need to be carefully considered as some of us suit warm reds whilst others suit cool tones. Whether it’s a little red dress, a red coat complimented by a neutral outfit underneath, or red accessories, Valentine’s Day and red will always go hand in hand.

Lacy can be racy

If your style personality favours textures such as lace, try wearing a lacy number on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that colour is also important, so choose a lace garment which is in line with your colour pallet. Alternatively make a statement in a silky top made even more romantic with ruffled sleeves, a must touch velvet or a fake fur in a rich colour.


Consider every detail of your Valentines outfit down to the accessories. If you like a bit of drama wear bigger and bolder necklaces, bracelets or earrings, but a smaller pendant may be right on the money to draw attention to your finest assets. Be fun and flirty but always be colour savvy.

Love/ Hate

Many of us have a love hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Some of us like to get dressed up but only to please ourselves, whilst some can’t bear any reference to candy colours or heart motifs. If this is you, you may like to try throwing together some leather and stud detailing with a shift dress, or try colour blocking in your favourite non-pink or non-red outfit with a fabulous belt. Leopard print is also all over the shops still.

Beauty Queen

The perfect date night happens when you feel, look and are being yourself. Choose makeup that is really you but do draw attention to your best features. Make sure you have moisturised (all over!) and have chosen a gorgeous lipstick to draw attention but avoid gloss. No one wants to kiss glossy but sticky lips!


Dressy date

If you’re going to a venue where a bit of panache is the order of the day and a suit is preferred, then make sure the colours you wear complement your skin tone. Separate your work clothes from your going out clothes. Don’t wear a work shirt on your date. Shirts patterned with checks or wearing a block colour shirt in one of your wow colours will keep your outfit interesting.

Casual date

If the venue chosen needs more of a smart-casual look, bring your best stylish swag to the date by pairing jeans or chinos with a blazer, but make sure they are both well-fitting. Suave is the way to go. Even if you are going for a more casual look, good grooming is still essential.

Coats & Jackets

Seeing as it is still winter, if you don’t have one invest in a smart coat that you only wear out at night to complete your look. There are so many sartorial choices so try a few on and make sure the colour is on point!


It is easy (for men – sorry!) to overlook accessories when putting outfits together. If you are wearing a neutral coloured coat, then jazz it up with a scarf in one of your wow colours. Attention to detail is to own your style. Even wearing a nice watch means you care about your appearance on your date.


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