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7 great ways to get more from your blog posts

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7 great ways to get more from your blog posts

Make Your Copy Count FounderBy Lisa Slater – Make Your Copy Count

Researching, writing and editing a blog post can be time-consuming but the benefits are worth the effort. Having said that, once you’ve put all that hard work into your blog post, why not make the most of it?

Here are 7 great ways to get more from your blog posts:

1. Turn blog posts into videos

As well as a written blog post on your subject, why not create a video post too? You can then add this video to the original post or create a whole new post. Written content and video content work well on different social media platforms so having both helps you engage a wider audience.

2. Turn blog posts into infographics

If you’ve written a step by step or you’ve used a lot of facts and figures, then turn your blog post into an infographic. Infographics are a great way of presenting information and work well on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

3. Turn blog posts into podcasts

Create podcasts around your blog posts. Discuss the main points, any feedback you’ve had or any conflicting opinions. Take an old prediction post that you wrote and discuss how many of the predictions were correct. If you have guest speakers, get them to give their opinion about one of your posts during your podcast.

4. Turn comments into ideas for your next blog post

If you’ve had a lot of comments on a post, then it’s clear your audience is interested in what you are blogging about. Use their comments as the subject for future blog posts. What questions are they asking? What do they agree or disagree with in your post?

5. Turn blog posts into an email series

As you create more and more blog posts, you’ll build a collection of information. Not everyone that comes to your site will have time to read back through all your old blog posts to find similar articles. Do the hard work for them by taking related posts and turning them into an email series that readers can subscribe to.

6. Turn blog posts into presentations

If you have a presentation coming up or you are asked to speak at an event, you can choose one of your most popular blog posts as the topic for your talk. Simply turn the main points into slides and go through each in detail.

7. Turn blog posts into a book

The more blog posts you write, the more information there will be. Collate it into an e-book for readers to download or buy. You could even publish your blogs as a paperback or Kindle book like I did with my A-Z of Blogging. I took a series of 26 blog posts, added to the content and repurposed it as a book.

Content marketing is a fantastic way of building customer relationships and brand awareness but it only works if you have content. Blogs are the easiest way to get started in content marketing and give you an excellent foundation to build content from. You can use your blog to test which subjects get the most engagement and then invest in developing that content further.

If you’d like to learn more about blogging, I’d love you to join me on one of my Blogging for Business workshops. Contact me on to request more information or secure your place.

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