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Invest In Your Accountancy Skills

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Invest in your accountancy skills and reap the benefits

If you’re planning your return to work after maternity leave or a career break, it’s important to take some time to reflect and think about what it is you want from your career, and a job in finance might have the answers you’re looking for.

Every business has financial accounts and those accounts have to be maintained and recorded correctly, so a career in finance could be one of the most stable career options out there.  Couple that with an ever increasing awareness, and most importantly an understanding, of flexible working, a career in finance is an even more attractive proposition.

As we seeing more and more employers looking for accounting staff advertising their roles with a flexible working option we’re also delighted to see that it’s not just senior positions that can demand a more agile way of working; it’s becoming an option for all positions. By looking at different ways to build a loyal and productive workforce, where the focus is on achievements and output rather than hours worked, employers are reaping the benefits. So could you.

We know the term ‘finance role’ can cover a vast array of roles. It can seem confusing with such a wide range of job titles such as Accounts Assistant, Assistant Accountant, Finance Assistant, Purchase Ledger Clerk, Bookkeeper, Management Accountant to name just a few. If it’s a completely new industry to you, don’t let this overwhelm or deter you. If you’re starting from scratch, the best place to start is with basic bookkeeping. Learn and understand the fundamentals of how financial records are maintained then you move on from there. You can look to learn about Sage, a common business accountancy software programme or opt to gain official industry qualifications such as AAT.

While employers are relishing the potential added ROI that flexible working can bring, you might have decided that you want to be in complete control over the direction your career takes and be your own boss, a career as a self-employed bookkeeper could be the answer. 

There is a huge proportion of self-employed people and SMEs who don’t have the budget for an in-house accounts person, this is huge market to tap into for you to step in and offer your services as a self-employed bookkeeper or accountant.  Again, we’d highly recommend you gain some industry standard certifications or qualifications, not only from a practical point of view but it will help you better market your business to new customers.

With flexible working hours and job share opportunities on the rise, more options for a rewarding self-employed finance career; together with the essential and continual need for finance staff, we truly believe this is an option you should seriously consider for your return to the workplace.

If you want to find out more about upskilling or retraining give us a call. At Pitman Training we offer a range of accountancy courses, including bookkeeping and AAT qualifications, suitable for all levels. We’re known for our flexible, self-paced training method which works especially well when you’ve got a busy home life to fit everything around. 

Exclusive offer for MMB subscribers: 10% discount on all Diplomas booked through Pitman Training Leeds. Just quote “MMB” when you enquire.

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