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Caroline Wareing working mum Interview

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Caroline Wareing originally starting her career as a Solicitor, she is now a member of the GB Para-cycling Development Squad and full time athlete in Para-cycling, so no stranger to hard work and dedication. Caroline is married to Chris and has two fantastic children James 11 and Sophie 9, all Caroline’s training and dedication is not only due to her love of the sport and her drive and commitment, but to show her children they can achieve anything they put their mind to in life.

What were/are the biggest challenges you faced going back in to the work place after children?

I qualified and practised as a Solicitor prior to having my children.  After my first (James) I tried to return to work part time but found it very difficult.  I am lucky in that I have both sets of grandparents living locally who were able to help us with child care.  But on a number of occasions I would be required to go into work on a day that I hadn’t been scheduled to work which meant frantically organising last minute childcare.

How do you achieve your work life balance of career woman and mother?

I think that I have the balance right !   I am lucky in that I am now training full time.   Obviously this is a huge commitment, but I am able to drop James and Sophie at school before doing my training and gym work and normally being finished in time to pick them up at night.  My husband works long hours- so we try to make sure that we spend as much time together as a family.  To be honest the children have a better social life than we do, so we tend to juggle running them around to their various activities.

If you could give your past self one piece of advice about being a working mother what would it be?

To choose something that you enjoy doing.  Your working life is a long time so make sure it’s something you want to get up and do every day.

Have your career goals and aspirations altered since becoming a working mother from that prior to your children?

Definitely.   To be honest I only studied law as my sister who is two years older than me, was already studying it.   I wanted to do medicine, but didn’t want to move away for seven years, so as I had little imagination I followed Suzanne into law!! It’s more important to me to achieve success now than before having children.  I want to make sure that James and Sophie grow up knowing that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

What are your future goals in your career path in the next few years, what do you hope to achieve?

I’m fairly new to para cycling so it’s very early days.   I had an accident whilst competing my horse in 2009. Unfortunately I broke my back and was left paralysed.   Cycling has given me a whole new focus, but as a sport it is getting more and more competitive so my aim is simple, to keep progressing and improving and hope this is show in my results.

If you had the power to change one thing in the business market for working mothers, what would you change?

I’m not sure!

What question would you wish to ask our next working mother who takes this short interview?

How do you make sure that you make time for yourself when you are not at work?

Question asked from Mother before you Helen Gration ex BBC and now Nursery Owner, working mother – Have you any tips for saving time in general day-to-day life?

I have to be organised!  I often think that our household day to day is literally watching someone keep juggling balls in the air!- if anything goes wrong then we drop the balls and its carnage!  I can’t do without my diary.   I make sure it’s filled in religiously each day as otherwise I’m bound to forget something important!  In reality though being organised helps me to save time.  Probably my main piece of advice though…….to fold things as soon as they come out of the drier……I hate ironing and that way it’s something I can avoid!!

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