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Cinderella Competition

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MMB Magazine is delighted to be working with the new show Gossip Gals  by Made In Leeds TV over the festive break.

Gossip Gals brings fantastic people together with great stories, the Christmas shows are slightly different covering festive related topics and for this we need your help!

We are launching with Gossip Gals and Made in Leeds TV a search for a Cinderella before the 12th of December 2016.


So do you know a mum or friend who deserves a makeover, someone who has put others before themselves and its time to give them something back?

The winner will receive:

  • A Flawless VIP photoshoot, including makeup, dry hair styling and a manicure, which will then be captured on camera.
  • Plus an outfit and shoes from the fabulous Leeds based designer Joe Browns
  • A personal shopping consultation from the fashion QVC presenter Emily Nice.
  • But that’s not all they will then be taken to The New Ellington for a bespoke chef table experience.

    But if the friend you nominate wins the competition, you also receive
  • A VIP fashion shoot to share with them.
  • Along with having the experience documented by Made In Leeds TV for one of the festive shows! You and your friend must be available for Monday on the 12th December 2016.

Wow I hear you cry?! How do you enter? Simply click this link and fill out the online entry form. Carriages do turn into pumpkins tho so get your entry in before midnight on 7th December 2017

The Fairy Godmother will be contacted by a Made In Leeds Researcher on the evening of Thursday 8th December. Magic Wands will then be waved and the spell cast to transform our Cinders for her special day on the 12th.

So don’t delay and show the great gift of friendship and support by nominating the person you feel should be treated like a Queen for a day. Don’t forget to tell them you have entered them, as just knowing how much you think of them, will make them feel special, a feeling that won’t fade at midnight but can last a lifetime!

Nude woman sitting in expensive jewelry bath. Crown on his head, his face bright trendy makeup.

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