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Crumbles Search For Christmas -Review

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Crumbles Search For Christmas

Venue: West Yorkshire Playhouse – Buy Tickets

Dates:  Until the 30th of December 2017

Price: From £14.50

Parking: Yes at the theatre (Example: £6 for 5 hours)

Food: We only got some chocolate and two drinks but no issue with the prices.

Merchandise: We didn’t see any.

Scary Bits: No real scary bits, but be aware that the characters walk around the theatre at the start so you might want to make your little one aware.

Top tips: If you need a booster cushion just ask there seems to be no problem anymore with amount of booster cushions they have to supply.


“When winter comes it’s time for Crumble to hibernate. At least that’s what Crumble’s always been told. Until one year awaking early, the temptation to go and see what’s out there… is too much to resist. And so, leaving the family burrow behind, Crumble begins the adventure of a lifetime.”


I was not quite sure what to expect but I found it to be a lovely show, with a nice story running through and great actors to entertain the children. Great use of the set and simple special effects that really made my little boy sit up on his seat.

At the start of the show the 3 main characters interact with the audience preparing their snug for winter. My little boy found this very exciting. There is no intermission the show goes straight through but is shortened for little ones viewing. 

I would say though that a few of the children under 4 seemed to get quite distracted through the show, as it really is a theatre style show not a Pepper Pig giant character affair. But this is just my opinion, its a fab show for 4 plus in my mind really getting children to enjoy the delight of the theatre away from Peppa Pig style theatre they maybe used too.

Merry Christmas!


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