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25% Off The Daio – MMB Readers

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Abbie Coleman MMB Magazine Working Mothers


By Abbie Coleman


We are excited to announce 25% off The Daio until the 31st August 2017.

Use mmbspecial at the online checkout.

*Exluding components

“Did I leave my straighteners on?”

Thank god for hair straighteners without them I still think I would look like an 80’s footballer and be having had a bad hair century living in isolation!

But they come with a cost, I know of a certain rented flat over 13 years ago which was left with two scorch marks on the carpet from a girls night getting ready in my 20’s and the next day using scissors to try to cut the burn mark out! And  I cannot remember the amount of times my husband has rolled his eyes as we are pulling out the drive and I gasp

“Oh god I think I might have left my straighteners on!”

Although I prone to a little exaggeration the figures are showing accidents are happening more and more with these appliances.

There has been a 16% increase in domestic fire insurance claims directly attributable to heated straighteners or appliances (Source: Swinton Insurance Retailers 2009)

So in short me and my straighteners have a history one I think is shared with many women, including that blooming chord that always breaks every three years but you still buy them as you could simply not imagine a life without them.

But as a mother my relationship has really changed with my straighteners they are an appliance I use daily that heat to up to 230C and take 40 minutes to cool down after use.  They are in essence something capable of doing devastating damage to my child.

daio_hr-37-2And that is when I came across DAIO and the amazing Pat Manigon. She talked to me about the amazing DAIO which you may have seen David Audseley from Knaresborough pitch on Dragons Den. It’s an appliance that easily mounts on any horizontal or vertical surface of up to 33mm  and you can store your straighteners in a high quality silicone that can sustain temperatures of up to 300C for 3 weeks, they also have a heat resistant silicone strip.

We are all sensible parents who take precautions but life gets in the way and that busy morning with a knock on the door or your second child calling from a room leaves that appliance unattended, so why take the chance.

Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), says:

“Hair straighteners get as hot as an iron. Babies and toddlers don’t instinctively pull away from something that’s burning them, so burns to their delicate skin are much deeper. Hair straightener burns to children have doubled in recent years and now account for up to one in ten burns to children.” (Note: 1 in 5 children under 18 months of age – Belfast Children’s Hospital)

But these horrible injuries are preventable. That’s why we’re delighted to work in partnership with the DAIO hair appliance organiser. It helps keep straighteners out of harm’s way while you’re using them and after you’ve switched them off. And the donation from every DAIO sold in the UK helps fund our charity’s work.”


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