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Why Deloitte Launched Agile Working

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The shift towards agile/flexible working continues to be a trend. Whether you are a parent returning to work or someone who has commitments outside work that are important to you, more and more of us are looking for a different balance when it comes to where, when and how we work.

In 2014 Deloitte launched its firm-wide focus on Agile Working (their term for flexible working) – the firm was determined to find ways to make Agile Working successful and firmly believed that this would be achieved through a focus on culture and the design of ways to work that suited both its people and the firm. Having clearly stated three core principles – open and honest communication, trust and respect and judging only on output – it devised formal and informal ways that its people could work in an agile way.

One example of a team embracing Deloitte’s approach to agile working is the Audit Centre of Excellence (CoE) based in Newcastle and Leeds. The diverse team, which has trebled in size over the last six months, comprises colleagues who work full-time, part-time, and term-time only.

Rachel Yates joined the team on her return from maternity leave and is enjoying the flexibility it offers her:

“My eldest son was starting school as I returned after maternity leave with my youngest. I wanted to make the most of my time with them but due to financial reasons I needed to work. I also didn’t want to give up the job I enjoyed and had worked so hard to achieve. I am so lucky to have found a role where I can use all the skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years but still get to spend some quality time with my boys.”

Harry Lee wanted to continue utilising his well-earned ACA qualification whilst also giving attention to his growing online health and fitness business and now works three days a week in the CoE:

“The Deloitte agile working approach allows me to get the best of both worlds. I am able to earn money and develop my accountancy experience – meaning those years of hard work gaining my qualifications are put to good use – whilst also having the time to pursue my passion and long term goal of building my online personal coaching business. The balance and flexibility is great.”

Emma Codd, Managing Partner for Talent at Deloitte UK explains

“we have worked hard to ensure that all our people are able to balance their lives with a successful and fulfilling career, that they are trusted to choose what works best for both them and their team, and that they are judged solely on output”.

We asked the Deloitte team for some of their top tips for making agile working a success:

 “Be clear with your ‘clients’, internal and external, about when you are available and when you aren’t and ensure this is taken into account when planning work.”

“Speak up if you are having difficulties managing home and work life. Chances are someone else has had a similar problem and will be able to offer advice.”

“Accept your limitations. Life will be calmer and happier once we accept that no one can do everything and that it’s fine just to do our best!”

For more information about the roles that we are recruiting within the Centre of Excellence in Leeds and Newcastle, please do visit the job pages of this site or contact Carey Stuart ( or Claire Owen (

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